Friday, November 21, 2014

Woo To See You Boutique

I had an amazing time at this quaint little boutique shop in the heart of Yaletown.

A big thank you to @city_minto for introducing me to her friend who owns Woo to See You Boutique, I definitely did not go home empty handed!

I picked up a couple of items to add to my winter wardrobe. I cannot ever have enough sweaters and @woo2cu they have a pretty amazing selection of cozy sweaters to choose from! I ended up with a thick knee-length wool cardigan and bonus it came with a matching scarf! @ingridtvan also convinced me to get the giant blanket scarf to add to my collection! I've been eyeing a large blanket scarf for sometime and I'm glad I found one at @woo2cu. And finally last but not least I got myself a big floppy hat, (its great for being mysterious and suave) I think every girl should own a big floppy hat! 

I highly recommend visiting their Instagram @woo2cu and check out their amazing selection. A lot of their pieces are designed by local designers in Vancouver BC and they take great care in curating very unique pieces and hand crafted jewelries. 

Also if anyone is interested @woo2cu will be featuring a trunk show by one of their favourite local designer @karayoojewelry at their boutique shop. The Event will be held on Friday November 28th from 12 to 6pm. For more information you can check out their Facebook Page - Click Here!

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, November 16, 2014



Japanese Eatery

I finally made it here! I saw so many post of their Parfaits on Instagram that I had to come check it out, but evidently I didn't have a Parfait. T and I ended up having a quick dinner with a promise to return to Shishinori again to try their Parfaits!

He had the Ahi Tuna Combo and I had the Chicken Curry Combo. The combos are served with an Enoki Miso soup and a drink of your choice. Both meals were light and delicious, loved the fresh salad and brown rice. It such a cute little place and they do get quite busy around dinner time! I can't wait to come back and try their Parfaits!

Happy eating folks!

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pho Hong at Fraser

Pho Hong

Its a chilly Saturday afternoon, and I am craving a good bowl of Pho.

One of my favourite places to have Pho. The service might not be spectacular but their Pho is delicious and it hits the spot! The soup base is lighter then other Pho restaurants on Kingsway but its still delicious.

Happy eating!