Omakase (お任せ) @ Ana Sushi

We decided it was best to just leave it up to the chef to be creative for us (Omakase), because with almost 2.5 Liters of sake between the 4 of us I could barely steady my camera to take pictures of each dish.

The Lounge at Four Seasons (HK)

It was quite relaxing just munching on dainty little savouries and sweets and talking about nothing in particular.

Toronto Foodie Adventures!

Tacos. Korean food. Pasta. And a chinese soup recipe.

I'm at a Cat Cafe right Meow

I think Cat Cafes are awesome, now all they need is wifi.

Fisherman's Wharf

One of my fondest memories as a child was visiting the Fisherman's Wharf at Steveston in Richmond with my parents on the weekend.

Sunday, November 16, 2014



Japanese Eatery

I finally made it here! I saw so many post of their Parfaits on Instagram that I had to come check it out, but evidently I didn't have a Parfait. T and I ended up having a quick dinner with a promise to return to Shishinori again to try their Parfaits!

He had the Ahi Tuna Combo and I had the Chicken Curry Combo. The combos are served with an Enoki Miso soup and a drink of your choice. Both meals were light and delicious, loved the fresh salad and brown rice. It such a cute little place and they do get quite busy around dinner time! I can't wait to come back and try their Parfaits!

Happy eating folks!

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pho Hong at Fraser

Pho Hong

Its a chilly Saturday afternoon, and I am craving a good bowl of Pho.

One of my favourite places to have Pho. The service might not be spectacular but their Pho is delicious and it hits the spot! The soup base is lighter then other Pho restaurants on Kingsway but its still delicious.

Happy eating!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Cartems Donuterie

Cartems Donuterie

Happy Friday!

Cheers to Earl Grey, Citrus and Whisky Bacon donuts at Cartems!

My date with Minnie Mouse 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Joe Fortes - Brunch

Lobster & Shrimp Roll

Lobster & Shrimp Roll - house baked bread, classic remoulade, mixed greens.

I am never disappointed at Joe Fortes, whether its a quick lunch or a relaxing dinner or just happy hour at their oyster bar I always have an amazing time. Their food is delicious and their service is spectacular.

Until next time Joe Fortes!

Gyoza Bar + Ramen

Gyoza Bar + Ramen

Sunday Birthday lunch at Gyoza Bar was some what successful. We were a party of 10 and they were very accommodating and was able to sit us very quickly once our whole party has arrived.

I was super excited for this restaurant to open because its close to my office and it's something different for the area. I personally try not to go to restaurants that are newly open because the front of house and kitchen needs a few practice rounds before they get it together. So with Gyoza Bar being opened for about a month or so, I was still a little iffy on their quality of food and service.

I ordered their Signature Ramen which had a tomato-saffron seafood broth topped with shellfish, shrimp and scallops - the vegetables in the ramen was kale and broccolini which I thought was genius and very tasty in the rich broth. I particularly liked this tomato-based broth, my only complaint is that it's a touch oily (I have tried other tomato-based broths at different ramen places and I don't remember it being too oily) I personally think that the food at Gyoza Bar was on par, everything tasted as it should.

I love the decor of the place and the open concept of their kitchen (I love all the hipsters that work in the kitchen). In terms of service, you can tell that they are still working out the kinks. The servers are attentive, but I guess when it comes to serving a larger party its easy to miss and mix up an order. I think Gyoza Bar probably needs another month or so before they are able to provide the level of service that you would expect at their sister restaurants.

Maybe I will make another visit for dinner and see how they have improved.

Keep eating folks!

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