Omakase (お任せ) @ Ana Sushi

We decided it was best to just leave it up to the chef to be creative for us (Omakase), because with almost 2.5 Liters of sake between the 4 of us I could barely steady my camera to take pictures of each dish.

The Lounge at Four Seasons (HK)

It was quite relaxing just munching on dainty little savouries and sweets and talking about nothing in particular.

Toronto Foodie Adventures!

Tacos. Korean food. Pasta. And a chinese soup recipe.

I'm at a Cat Cafe right Meow

I think Cat Cafes are awesome, now all they need is wifi.

Fisherman's Wharf

One of my fondest memories as a child was visiting the Fisherman's Wharf at Steveston in Richmond with my parents on the weekend.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cafe de l'Orangie

Café de l'Orangie
Funny thing - I was browsing through Urbanspoon and then on Yelp for a Japanese restaurant that's close to home. I was craving sushi, but I also wanted pasta too! Oh the dilemma!
So after ten minutes of browsing I came across Café de L'Orangie, which had really good reviews on both Urbanspoon and Yelp, and the plus-side - it was close to home. T and I checked it out and the place was cozy and quite busy for a Tuesday night, lots of families were there.
To satisfy my pasta craving I ordered the Masago de Creamy Spaghetti (Squid, mushroom, asparagus, roe, cream) This pasta was really well executed, I loved the masago, it gave the pasta a very nice texture and the cream sauce didn't feel too heavy and overwhelming.
T also wanted a pasta but he decided to try their Curry with Pork Cutlet. The Pork Cutlet was very crispy, yet still very juicy on the inside. What T and I really liked about this dish was their curry! It looked to me like a veggie curry, I loved how they had diced veggies in the curry sauce. The curry was thicker and had more of a bite to it because of the diced veggies. I could just eat this curry with rice and nothing else all day, it was that good!
And onto dessert! Café de L'Orangie had a very attractive dessert menu. They had an assortment of home-made cakes and pies that changes everyday, brules and Japanese Parfaits.

T and I shared a Zunda Dango Parfait (Rice balls, sweet green bean paste, red bean, ice cream and black sugar sauce). The dessert was a little disappointing, mostly due to the runny ice cream we had, other than that the pairing of flavours was really good. I will definitely be back again to try the rest of their dinner menu and dessert menu!
Until next time Café de l'Orangie

Cafe de l'Orangerie on Urbanspoon

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Fish Shack

The Fish Shack | Hook It & Cook It - Glowbal

Came here after work one day to try their Oysters. They usually have their oysters on special from a certain time of day. It was my first time here, I loved the décor of the place... and that was pretty much it.The service was alright, but I guess it was the server we had because I watched some of the other servers who looked like they were having a pretty good time with their customers. 

Our server wasn't very interactive with us, he basically just took our order and delivered the food. Very minimal interaction (I guess some people prefer that) I felt more welcomed by the Hostess then our server. We ordered 2 dozen of their royal Miyagi oysters and the calamari, fish cakes, 2 pounds of clams and mussels. Everything was alright... food was alright... service (our particular server) was alright...
I think I might just stick to my usual places to satisfy my oyster cravings. Would I come back? Maybe. It was my first time at the Fish Shack and I do believe in second chances.

The Fish Shack on Urbanspoon

Until next time. Maybe.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Highlights by Aki

Aki at Misako Hair Studio
(Summer Hair Part 2)

I am in love with my new hair colour! I haven't dyed my hair in 10 years and decided that I wanted a change - a lighter hair colour for summer.

I first went to Mentor located in Richmond by the Canada Line. I got my whole head dyed brown and then added a lighter brown highlights. The Stylist at Mentor was very friendly, but unfortunately he only spoke Mandarin so I had a translator. Somewhere in the process there was a miss-communication and my highlights didn't turn out as light as I wanted. My co-worker was with me that day and told me to try Misako Hair Studio. After 2 weeks I booked an appointment with Aki at Misako, and she was fantastic!

I loved her bubbly personality and she was very patient with me when I tried to describe to her what I was looking for she also took into consideration that I absolutely didn't want any bleach in my hair at all. Overall my highlights turned out how I wanted it and Aki was just super accommodating. She also gave me a discount because I was referred to her by my coworker. Absolutely adore Aki <3

Here's the link to my Summer Hair Part 1

Bye for now.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day Six of Cabin Living

Gala Bay Springs Cabin

Breakfast on the go! Toast with butter and strawberry jam, my tea and a banana.
Off we go to deliver some water.

Lunch on the Road.

Running around town today. I mean driving.
My trusty Vitasoy to keep me hydrated and a healthy sandwich to keep me energized.

Dinner on the Go!

Something quick to keep me going. Lots of wood to chop tonight.
T made his "Chinese Soup" and grilled some hot dogs.
I ate two and he had one. *smiley face*

Tomorrow, we do it again.

Goodnight kitties.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Day Five of Cabin Living

Monday Mornings... kinda.
(I woke up to a cup of tea and this massive bowl of deliciousness)

Fancy spancy instant noodles for Breakfast and Lunch.
Can't say no to that.

Fresh Water Trout
Our neighbours came to visit us today and brought us a very nice present - fresh water trout caught by their wonderful daughter! Of course T and I were super excited to cook this trout, I especially wanted to roast it over our fire pit, but instead we simply just barbecued the trout (the fire pit would of been a bit messy).
I seasoned the fish with sea salt and fresh scallions stuffed into the belly of the trout and once on the barbecue T just a few twist of fresh pepper onto it. I think we barbecued it for about 15-20 minutes and the trout turned out beautifully, it was still very moist and the meat was very tender!

Strawberries and Cream
nice and simple

Fraser Lake
my favourite part of the day - Please click on the picture for actual size, it's beautiful

Good night.