Omakase (お任せ) @ Ana Sushi

We decided it was best to just leave it up to the chef to be creative for us (Omakase), because with almost 2.5 Liters of sake between the 4 of us I could barely steady my camera to take pictures of each dish.

The Lounge at Four Seasons (HK)

It was quite relaxing just munching on dainty little savouries and sweets and talking about nothing in particular.

Toronto Foodie Adventures!

Tacos. Korean food. Pasta. And a chinese soup recipe.

I'm at a Cat Cafe right Meow

I think Cat Cafes are awesome, now all they need is wifi.

Fisherman's Wharf

One of my fondest memories as a child was visiting the Fisherman's Wharf at Steveston in Richmond with my parents on the weekend.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Caught on Camera

The photographers at Ora Wedding Photography caught me
sneaking a picture of the bride.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Silly Faces

We are two very silly people.
This is what happens when we are patiently waiting for the wedding to start.

Okay. Good night.

Diner en Blanc

Diner en Blanc
Just a quick update on this amazing event.
Secret Location: David Lam Park in Yaletown.

Our Picnic Basket.
Cheese & Cured meats.
Aparagas Salad with poached egg
Shrimp & Tomato Pasta with a squeeze of lemon
Fresh Berries & Champagne for dessert

Until next year, friends.

Kimchi Soba

Lunch is served
Kimchi Soba Noodles topped with a medium egg.

Cucumber. Kimchi. Surf Clam. Egg. Soba noodles.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Greenhorn Espresso Bar

Greenhorn Espresso Bar
An interesting name with a bit of history behind it.

Quaint little neighbourhood cafe located in the West End. See those love letters hanging?

We were sort of in the area because we stopped by Michael's Flower shop to pick up a bouquet for I's birthday party.

We wanted a quick snack and I remember reading about the Greenhorn Espresso Bar, they were featured in Vancitybuzz, and what intrigued me was that they had love letters on display written by their customers!

I love it when cafes/shops include a bit of their customers into their business because it makes me feel like I belong with them.
T, ordered a ice coffee and I had their latte. We both shared a croissant and a waffle and sat outside enjoying it.

I love everything about the Greenhorn cafe - the inside with its wooden decor and the vases of flowers on the tables, reminds me of a love story in the making.

I would love to visit again and try their lunch menu and the rest of their coffees. It's a perfect little place to sit and chat and catch up with old friends over a good cup of coffee.

“I'd rather take coffee than compliments just now.” 

Until next time.

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