Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!
We want to wish everyone all the best in the Lunar New Year.
May you all have health and prosperity and most important lots of love!
Keep on blogging folks.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Soft Peaks - Vancouver

Soft Peaks
Organic soft serve

One of the most anticipated ice cream parlors in Vancouver has finally opened its doors to the public! Located in the heart of Gastown - Soft Peaks specializes in organic soft serve ice cream along with premium local toppings. Their milk is from Avalon - a local BC dairy farm, and all their toppings are sourced from local BC suppliers. These two brothers truly believe in supporting local businesses! 

E and I finally got a chance to stop by Soft Peaks for a taste test - Dessert before dinner! 

We tried out some of their most popular items on the menu, which was the "Honeycomb Peak" topped with a piece of fresh honeycomb from the local honey farms in BC. The richness of the soft serve ice cream along with the sweetness of the honeycomb was delicious! Why haven't I ever had real honeycomb before!?!

Next up we tried the "Green Forest" - this soft serve ice cream is topped with a sprinkle of Matcha powder, sweet red beans and condensed milk. 

This version kind of reminded me of a parfait from Chiccos or Mimibuloveme. Again delicious and quite satisfying - all the toppings paired very well together.

The last one we tried was the "Avalanche" twist topped with multi-grain powder and liquid honey.

The liquid honey added a very nice texture to the soft serve ice cream, but if I had to pick my least favourite flavour it would have to be this one.

The Avalanche was very messy to eat because the multi-grain powder was falling off the rim of the cup. Also, it wasn't as exciting to eat as the Honeycomb Peak or the Green Forest. I didn't really like the multi-grain powder, it didn't really add to the flavour of the ice cream and it was messy to eat.

Overall, Soft Peaks is such a cute little ice cream parlor that has a lot of potential! Their menu is still a work in progress and I can't wait to visit again, especially in the Summer time!

What I hope to see in the summer is how they will incorporate fresh seasonal fruits with their organic soft serve ice cream, and possibly a milk shake menu?!?!

Anyways if you have time check them out and grab 
an ice cream before dinner!

Until next time folks.

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