Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vancouver Anime Convention

Hello, Hello! Welcome to the Vancouver Anime Convention! 
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OOTD Take 1!

A collection of E & L's summer wardrobe... Enjoy!

Bye for now.

Hicks Lake @ Sasquatch Park

Some Summer Lovin'

Let it burn

Oh the joy of camping!  We ate, and ate, and ate some more!
I am definitely a happy camper.

Ho Yuen Kee Restaurant 何源記

I am craving squab again... and I think E wants lobster! So as a family we all decided to go eat at Ho Yuen Kee, my dad was really against it, but E convinced him that she was paying. We needed a budget friendly place to go to so E would still have some shopping money left for her Autumn wardrobe.

So here's the load-down on tonight's meal: The Squab was very juicy and well seasoned, the meat was very tender but I think the skin could of been a little bit more crispy. The Peking Duck was a crowd-pleaser, T and E gobbled it all down in less than five minutes! The skin of the Peking Duck was very crispy and there wasn't much fat so it didn't taste very oily which I liked. I definitely recommend ordering this as an appetizer to start.

The second course of the Peking Duck was the traditional lettuce wrap. I personally don't like eating anything wrapped in lettuce and would of preferred the rest of the Peking Duck made into a fried rice, but aside from that this second dish was quite refreshing and I really like how they added yellow tortilla chips which gave it a nice crunch to the whole experience. 

Ho Yuen Kee is known for their Steamed Lobster Sticky Rice, which of course was the first dish we asked for and the last dish that was served to us. Once the dish arrived, it totally made sense why they decided to serve it last because if they served it first we would never been able to eat anything else! The dish was HUGE and the lobster was a good size, roughly 2.75 pounds sitting on a mound of sticky rice. I really enjoyed the lobster the sauce was creamy and the meat was very tender. The sticky rice was not "sticky" enough it didn't really have a good bite to it. I think if they fixed that problem then this dish would of been heavenly!  

We also had their Shredded Chicken and Jellyfish Salad, which in my opinion was a complete failure the sauce they used was way too sweet and there was hardly any Jellyfish in the dish. E was quite upset she really wanted Jellyfish. We also ordered Garlic Pea Shoots, just so that we had a vegetable dish and good thing we did! The Garlic Pea Shoots is one of my favourite veggie dishes and I think Ho Yuen Kee did an amazing job preparing it!

And last but not least, DESSERT! what do I have to say about dessert? Probably my least favourite course at a Chinese Restaurant. We got the typical sweet Red Bean Soup and it definitely wasn't my favourite way to end my meal. But aside from the disappointing dessert I think I will definitely come back to Ho Yuen Kee for a sensible family dinner, and I am considering trying out their late night menu since my friend B raves about it!

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