Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine 食藝海鮮酒家

Happy Tuesday Everyone.

Our long weekend ended with dim sum at Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine located inside Richmond Centre Mall. Dim Sum to a lot of people usually means breakfast, but to the 5 of us that day it meant a very late lunch. I've never been to Shi-Art before, but D and his friend V seem to frequent this place often enough that we immediately got a table once we arrived. The place was bustling, which to me is a good sign because that means the food must be tasty or it could be because it's Easter Monday and no one had to work like the 5 of us. Did I also mention the exceptionally good service we had at Shi-Art? Well that service was particularly directed towards D and V. While those two played nice with the servers the rest of us ate. It didn't look like much on the piece of paper when we were ordering but as always, we over ordered.

Now on to the food. Let's start with what I liked best, the egg tarts! (I ate 3 egg tarts out of the 4 that was on the plate) V was the only one that ate the last egg tart. I had to share unfortunately  What I really liked about Shi-Art's egg tarts  was their filling. It was filled with an eggy steamed-milk center which was very good, especially when the egg tarts were still warm. The other two dishes which I really enjoyed were the sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves and the stir-fry gai lan. The sticky rice was cooked evenly and well-seasoned. The gai lan had a nice crunch to it and the leaves were crisp and not wilted.

The deep fried dough wrapped in a steamed rice crepe was a little bit on the dry side for my liking but the boys still devoured it. The meat paste stuffed eggplant was a crowd pleaser everyone took a piece including me. I normally don't like the texture of an eggplant but this dish was pretty good, I loved the sauce and the meat paste was well seasoned (I could of done without the eggplant, but that's just me). 

Remember how I said we ordered way too much food, this usually happens when you have dim sum. We didn't want to waste any food so we all divided up the left-overs but no one wanted to finish the yam pastry with red bean paste. This dish was very oily and overly sweet. I think we can all agree that it was our least favourite dish from Shi-Art. 

Overall, I did enjoy myself at Shi-Art. Would I come back? I don't see why not, I would like to try their dinner menu and for sure I would drag D and V along since the servers seem to like them so much.

I am on the look-out for a good place to have Alaskan King Crab. Suggestions anyone?

Bye for now.

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  1. Ah sharing food is hard! :P Dan tat is so nice when it's warm... <3

    I think I've tried all of what you mentions except for the eggplant and the stickyrice wrapped in lotus leaves. The rice must be so good. :}

    I'm craving for dim sum at the moment. Thanks for sharing this post. :}

  2. ohhh yum yum yum i love dimsum! and i heart egg tarts too!! :p

    you know it's funny that you said that because i actually had on a blazer w/ my outfit.. but i actually decided to take it off because you couldn't see my leather sleeves on the tee-shirt.. and with the blazer on it.. it just looked like a regular grey tee shirt.. and well I really REALLY wanted to show off the leather sleeves HAHA :p

    1. Haha so true Lisa! If you did have your blazer on for the post I wouldnt have noticed the leather sleeves =)

  3. You will get there in no time because your blog has really good content and I always love reading your post because all your pictures and words description of the food has never failed to kill me ;_;

    Thanks for your supportive word love, we help one another grow to greater heights with time!! Lol one can never order too little when having dim sum! We never fail to overeat when having dim sum because well, it's just dim sum. Seems so little but once you are done and you realized there's still a few dim sum here and there, lol that's the time you have to stuff it down!

    Can't wait for your next post love <3


    1. aww thank you mish for your kind words =) really appreciate your love and support! REMEMBER if you are ever in VANCOUVER I will take you out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!

  4. Oh man, why so freakin' delicious! I'm getting hungry right now.

    Keep bloggin'
    Lots of love, Maho


  5. that looks delicious... and egg tarts are one of my favourite things to eat at chinese restaurants haha