Monday, April 8, 2013

The Famous Warehouse with J

Update - April 8th 2013

Back for more with a different J! 

This time, I came here with a different J and a bunch of friends. Everyone ordered either The Works Burger or The Mushroom and Swiss Burger. We also ordered 2 plates of Salt & Pepper Wings and 1 plate of Honey Garlic Wings, all three plates came with a ranch dipping sauce. The wings were pretty good, maybe slightly on the dry side, we probably needed a couple of beers to wash down the wings. 

I cant wait till my next visit because I would love to try their Nachos. According to T, The Famous Warehouse has amazing Nachos!

The Famous Warehouse

989 Granville St 
VancouverBC - visited on March 12 2013

Warehouse is this funky little bar that serves up a great burger for $4.95 with a choice of a side, this totally beats eating at McDonald's any day. In fact, their entire food menu is practically $4.95, this is incentive enough for people to grab a couple of beers and hang out and listen to their funky music. I always have a good time hanging out at Warehouse, unless on one of those rare occasions where you get a frazzled server who has absolutely no sense of priorities, (but again, that's rare). There is always a line up, especially in the late afternoons when all the hungry students flock to Warehouse for a cheap bite to eat and usually late at night right after clubbing, because people (me especially) get the munchies after lots of dancing.

I always order the Mushroom and Swiss Burger with a side of Salad, this never disappoints and J ordered the Works Burger instead of mushroom and Swiss he gets deep fried onions and Cheddar cheese. He also got Yam fries instead of regular fries. The fries came in this awesome little tin bucket, that I thought was super adorable. 

So if you're ever in downtown and you feel like a burger I would suggest stopping by Warehouse, it's a much better alternative than MacDonald's, and the salad is probably real...fresh.

Happy eating.

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  1. Super cheap and super yummy looking.

  2. ooh the food looks delicious, ahh hamburgers, love it haha

  3. The food looks so good! I'm glad to have found your blog. All your pics of food looks amazing! <3

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    1. The burger was really that good!! =)

  5. Omg all looks delcious!


  6. I like the last BOLD and ENLARGED font of "HAPPY EATING" HAHAHA! Whoa this really COULD beat Mcdonald's any time!! I really like what you ordered, the Mushroom and Swiss Burger sounds and LOOKS good! I assume they are beef?? :D:D

    Pft pft! And the price is superbly reasonable! Awwww seriously, how can you live in such a place, surrounded by all heavenly food QQ

    So much jellies (jealous!)!

    Hahaha some games requires strategic planning but most of the time, I am not one of those who plans and play. I get on, shoot, get killed and so forth, cause I am a terrible gamer but! To each its own! =PP

    pew pew pew!


  7. mhhhhh looks so delicious!
    You have great Ideas and a interesting blog, i really like it!
    what you think, wanna follow each other?
    I would be happy :-)

    Kiss from Swiss

  8. Yumm! I just got so hungry looking at this. I just followed you on this one! My boyfriend and I are starting a 50 pho restaurant challenge haha. Not sure if I'm gonna put it up on my makeup blog yet though. I like reading your food review posts!

  9. These look like freaking gourmet burgers for 5 bucks! I would love to try out that place.

    Following you back!

    7% Solution​

  10. Thanks for sharing :)