Sunday, February 20, 2011

Either Cup Richmond

As reading break comes to an end, coffee shops and libraries quickly fill up with students struggling to cram in study material just before school starts - because hey, who really reads during a reading break? Today I spent my day hopping from library, to coffee shops, to a mall food court just to find a place to study; which brings me here: Either Cup in Richmond. Right now. Attempting to study. And honestly, I would rather not be here if Blenz or Waves had room.

To be blunt and cut straight to the chase, I paid $5.54 to use the internet here. They have a minimum purchase of $5.00 in order to use the internet after 6pm - "strictly enforced". In a way I guess that is understandable. They are a small coffee shop serving lattes, fair-trade organic teas, bubble teas, various snacks and pastries, this rule helps them turn over tables quicker and not lose profit to students who buys a cup of tea and sit there for hours. That of which, I am guilty of. So B, C and I, all purchased smoothies - green apple slush, calpico slush and strawberry slush. The bubble tea is not good. I'm sticking to this whole being-blunt-thing and yeah, it's not good. B's green apple barely has any taste and what taste it did have resembled nothing of green apple. Likewise, mine was lacking in taste as well. I gave B a sip and he couldn't figure out what it was until I told him. I didn't get to try C's drink, but I can assume there isn't much flavor to his either. Thankfully, the size you get at Either Cup is a lot smaller than the ~700mL ones you usually see.

$5.00 for a small, bland tasting drink, was not worth it - internet included or not. I guess this is the price you pay for not securing a study spot at, say, around 12:00PM in the greater Vancouver area on the last day of reading break. Ha.

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  1. My strawberry slush is too sweet and it's too THICK! .... gosh it's a hassle every time i'm trying to drink it!

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I was gonna go there myself.

  3. i went there once with a friend and did not enjoy it at all you should study at estea they have internet and variety and drinks are quite fair and plus space is big so they dont care how long you stay.

  4. Whaaat they have a minimum charge now? Last year I bought like a $2 green tea and stayed there for over 5 hours LOL

  5. @Anonymous: We thought of going to Estea at first, but we needed outlets for our laptops. Next time though!

    @Kathy: Yeah they do! They advertise as "Free Wifi", but in reality you have to pay a minimum charge of $5.00.