Monday, March 18, 2013

Saint Patrick's Day with J

I tried to wear green, but someone pointed out that my shirt 
was teal and not green like a Leprachaun's hat...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! J and I had lunch at the Compass Group... is that what this place is called? I honestly have no idea, this market/cafe is located  right above the Granville Station before you go up to Topshop. We chose to eat here because it was the least crowded (but service was still on the slow slide, they need more then one person manning the panini section). Their logo was everywhere but I couldn't make out what the place was called. My receipt said the Compass Group. So anyways...

We both had the Smoked Salmon Panini with capers, arugula and basil spread. J had the cream of mushroom soup and I had a garden salad. The Panini was very fresh, the soup and salad was nothing special, this all came to about $13.00 each J and I felt that it was a little pricey considering I could of gotten a delicious burger at Warehouse (probably not as healthy) for $4.95! I think the only reason why we decided to try this place out is because it wasn't packed like the rest of the restaurants along Granville Street.  

Would I give this place a second chance? 
I probably would because they have a little dessert section and I am a sucker for desserts.

Downtown Robson, was very busy, I got a glimpse of the parade before I made my way to J's place to have lunch with her. It sucks to be short, I should of bought my own step ladder.

I believe this is called an Irish Terrier? I love giant dogs.

Bye for now.


  1. The panini looks healthy! I've got a panini maker but I've never used it before. Maybe I should make use of it :P

    O and I'm a sucker to desserts too. My fav. dessert to date is creme brulee. <3

    1. You should! I love a hot sandwhich anytime!! creme brulee yum =)

  2. ohhh yeah i love panini's but that panini looks really healthy hahah!! maybe too healthy for me! but the dessert bar looks GORGEOUS! i like all marble counters it just makes everything look so luxe haha!

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  4. Oh really lovely photographs.
    Looks like a nice celebration!


  5. yummy yummy! Wanna follow each other on GFC, Fb, Twitter?

    have blessed day!