Monday, July 28, 2014

Brewery and the Beast

Festival of Meat and Beer

The Brewery and the Beast was a delicious event and a great ending to my weekend. Thanks A for inviting me I will definitely be back next year (and I will remember to bring sunscreen). There were so many amazing restaurants this year! Some of my favourites were Forage, Homer Street Café, Catch122, Alta Bistro, Hawksworth, and Oughtred Coffee & Tea (because they were serving Vietnamese Ice Coffee) there's just too many to name!

I had to come up with a strategy, because there were a lot of meat to try and I only have one stomach.

"A" and I grabbed our beers first, then did a quick circuit of the place and chose the restaurants based on how long the line was. We tried to avoid eating any carbs, but sometimes a little bit of bread helps soak up all the delicious sauces from the meat.

One of a kind culinary experience. This is their second annual event in Vancouver and all the meat and produce are locally sourced, promoting the farms in BC. Their goal is to educate people on consuming local meats and produce, and where they can get it! The participating restaurants and chefs get's a chance to show off their culinary prowess and experiment with different flavours and local ingredients. I highly recommend this event, the barbecues were amazing and the energy of the crowd was electrifying!

Two Rivers Specialty Meats

The Pictures speak for themselves.

Until next time.
Peace out.

 Bumped into the @foodgays and Dennis Pang from @pangcouver
Brewery and the Beast

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