Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Fish Shack

The Fish Shack | Hook It & Cook It - Glowbal

Came here after work one day to try their Oysters. They usually have their oysters on special from a certain time of day. It was my first time here, I loved the décor of the place... and that was pretty much it.The service was alright, but I guess it was the server we had because I watched some of the other servers who looked like they were having a pretty good time with their customers. 

Our server wasn't very interactive with us, he basically just took our order and delivered the food. Very minimal interaction (I guess some people prefer that) I felt more welcomed by the Hostess then our server. We ordered 2 dozen of their royal Miyagi oysters and the calamari, fish cakes, 2 pounds of clams and mussels. Everything was alright... food was alright... service (our particular server) was alright...
I think I might just stick to my usual places to satisfy my oyster cravings. Would I come back? Maybe. It was my first time at the Fish Shack and I do believe in second chances.

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Until next time. Maybe.


  1. Where else do you go for oysters? I recently went to fish shack for their buck a shuck and loved it! But I haven't had that many other ones :P

    Raincouver Beauty

  2. yumm that looks so so delicious! sad to hear it was just ok.. because the pictures look like it was super yums!

    lols you're so funny :p the food recipes from my blog are actually a little behind.. they're from when i was still in germany. we moved back to the states already.. to be totally honest i don't think i'm going to be blogging anymore it's kind of been a long time in coming.. and now that I'm on instagram i love it so much better.. i think i was always more suited to IG than blogging i don't really like writing things HAHA. anyways i'll be updating our place as I decorate on IG :)!!

    1. Aww Lisa, sad to hear you won't be blogging (much) but I do love your Instagram!