Thursday, July 3, 2014

Munching at Gala Bay Springs

Gala Bay Springs Cabin

I am spending a few days away from the bustling city of Vancouver and heading up North to Fraser Lake. While I am being one with nature at the GBS Cabin my goal is to practice my "home cooking" skills. I will be documenting my meals everyday - either it's cooked by me or by T. We will be cooking up a storm and budgeting our grocery list because we (hopefully) bought enough food for our stay at the GBS Cabin.

Late Dinner on arrival.

We arrived last night - it was a long drive from Vancouver to Fraser Lake, we made it here in about 11ish hours. By the time we arrived at the GBS Cabin is was 9 pm and we were both starving. While T unloaded the car and got Sushi the Kitty all settled in, I quickly whipped up some dinner for both of us. So I opted for some instant noodles (the "non-soupy" kind) topped it off with some fresh green onions, a fried egg and a couple slices of Vietnamese ham. This was super easy to make and oh so satisfying after a long drive, and the clean up was minimal.

Breakfast by T.

T made us breakfast this morning, because I was too lazy to get up. I love breakfast food, but usually in the mornings I can't eat too much so it was great that T kept it nice and simple. He made scramble eggs and toast! I liked to butter my toast and add lemon jelly to it and I usually eat my eggs with a bit of salsa. Oh and can't forget that delicious cup of tea, which T knows exactly how I like it 

Dinner is served!

After a long day of running errands in Vanderhoof, and stopping at the A & W for a quick lunch I couldn't stop thinking about dinner. Right now it's the perfect weather for barbecuing and eating out doors. 

Once we got home I prepped the chicken drumsticks. I usually give it a good rinse and then dry it with some paper towels. T seasoned the drumsticks with some good old Salt and Pepper and I seasoned the tomatoes and zucchini with some dill and lemon salt.

Put everything on the grill - Go play with the cats for a bit and then dinner was ready!

Happy munching. 

Beautiful Starlight Kitty.

Tomorrow we do it again.

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