Friday, July 4, 2014

Day Two of Cabin Living

Gala Bay Springs Cabin

(my documentation of home-cooked meals)

Today T, made breakfast again (he's definitely the early riser in this relationship) Breakfast consisted of French toast with a side of sliced bananas and pan-fried ham. Instead of regular syrup I used Vanderhoof Organic Honey for my French toast and it was delicious.

BLT Lunch

Lunch was a simpler affair today. We made a classic BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) sandwich. I usually like to add mustard and some salt and pepper on my sandwich and T likes to just add butter. We also quickly made some miso soup with diced tofu and fresh green onions.

The weather was fantastic this afternoon so we had lunch outside while the kitties hung out in the patio area. I am not sure if Sushi Kitty is enjoying the great out-doors, but she does seem to enjoy catching all the bugs.

After lunch T did some more grass cutting and yard work, so that we could roast our marshmallows more comfortably. 

Dinner Tonight

Tonight's dinner is pretty simple and yummy. I made a veggie (carrots and Chinese gourd) and pork bone soup. I slow cooked it for about an hour and a half so that the veggies become nice and soft and the meat on the pork bones are tender and seasoned with some salt to taste.

T, made his famous "shake 'n' bake" chicken drumsticks. It's a concoction of his secret mix of spices. He coats the chicken with the mixed spices and then bakes it for about 45 minutes. Simple and delicious home cooked dinner!

Enjoy, because 

we sure did.

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