Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shota Japanese Sushi & Grill

Shota Sushi & Grill

So T and I got super hungry after a long day of scooting and hopping from one coffee shop to the next. We decided to check out Shota Sushi & Grill located in Kerrisdale. This little Japanese restaurant has been in Vancouver - Kerrisdale for a long time but I've never had the chance to try it out, but I'm glad I did. I've never had Lobster Sashimi before and after trying it at Shota I think I fell in love with raw lobster! It's absolutely delicious especially when it's served super fresh!

T and I had the lobster served two ways, the first was the lobster sashimi and then it was cooked in a hotpot with noodles and tofu. We also ordered two of their specialty Sushi Rolls, which was also very delicious, but I guess what blew my mind away was how yummy the lobster sashimi was! (I always thought raw lobster meat would taste very slimy but it wasn't, the texture was more on the crunchy-meaty side). I highly recommend ordering this dish at Shota! I will definitely be back to check out the rest of their menu.

Bye for now.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Out 'n' About

I am in love with this weather.

Summer is all about exploring the city, doing some scooting and playing a game of out-door chess. Guess who won the game?

Enjoy! Bye for now.