Thursday, January 10, 2013

sen-ryo 千両

sen-ryo 千両 

Hang Lung Centre, Causeway Bay

Fatty Salmon, Octopus, Conch, Seared Tuna, 2 different cuts of Salmon, Yellow Tail

Egg, Ark Clam, Snow Crab we also ordered fish roe, tuna roll, deep fried shrimp roll which I dont have pictures of because the 2 boys gobbled it up before I could snap a few shots.

For the past couple of weeks I have been craving for two things, first its sushi and second, a good bowl of Pho. So I asked some friends of mine where’s a good place for Pho. They suggested a couple of restaurants, but a lot of them told me to not have my hopes up because the Pho in Hong Kong will never taste as good as the Pho in Vancouver, Toronto or LA. And guess what? They were right! So I kind of gave up on eating Pho in Hong Kong. 

Deep fried Soft Shell Crab, Deep fried Salmon Skin and California Cone

So back to my first craving, which is sushi. My friend took T and me to Sen-ryo in Causeway Bay to try to satisfy my sushi craving. The place looked very clean and listening to the conversations around us, Sen-ryo sounded like a place where a lot of expats like to eat at too. All the items we ordered were very fresh and it was nice to be able to try items that we don’t normally get in Vancouver. The place was good but I think I still miss eating at the sushi joints in Vancouver and it’s a bit more economical too. Would I come back to Sen-ryo? I probably would, it beats going to Jason's market in Hyson for their over the counter sushi boxes.

Happy eating!

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