Monday, January 21, 2013

Seafood Galore @ The Wet Market

What I love about Hong Kong is their open markets. I love how I can roam around the wet markets looking at all the different kinds of fresh seafood and being able to pick and choose what I want. E and I decided to make a seafood dinner at home instead of eating out (which we have done a lot of) we went to the wet market located in North Point where the harbour is. I cant exactly remember the location or how we found it because E and I kind of stumbled across it by walking towards the ocean and miraculously we found the "wet market by the harbour."

We took the North Point Tram, this will take you directly to the North Point Produce Market. It's quite fun to watch the the people scatter away because the Tram goes right through the market.

The joy of being able to pick and choose and haggle 
at the wet market in North Point by he harbour.

So this is what we made, a one-pot-wonder. We stir-fry some giant prawns in garlic and ginger for a few seconds then poured in a cup of chicken stock and threw in the clams and let it all steam for about 6 minutes or until all the clams have opened up. We bought three different sizes of clams - giant, medium and small, they probably had fancy names, but it was all in Chinese.


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