Saturday, June 18, 2011

Los Angeles: Day 5

Everyone slept in late, had a big breakfast and then cat napped away the day while the sun shone through the windows. We did take a break between doing a whole lot of nothing to step outside and explore downtown by foot. Mainly because I had to stop by See's (which turned out to be a tourist shop selling See's chocolates) for the coffee candy that my Mom have been craving for since the dawn of time. Okay, not really - but you get what I mean. Came back, read, slept some more, played some games, made dinner, and then crawled up on the sofa bed to eat some Pinkberry and watch "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" before we called it a day.

Second to last day and it was a good lazy day.

Here's a quick spam of some pictures from the first three days,

Friday, June 17, 2011

Los Angeles: Day 4

After a hearty breakfast/brunch, we took a day trip to the L.A. zoo and I loved it. The weather was finally warm - skin-hugging, sweat dropping type of  warm. The Zoo closed at five and we arrived at 3:30PM. The attendant told me that they start bringing in the animals at four... giving us a thirty minute time frame to cram in as many exhibits as possible. 

We did manage to see everything, or the majority of everything that we wanted to see, in an hour or so. They had a good variety of animals, birds, and even animals you would find in the aquarium: seals and sea lions. What I loved most about the L.A. zoo wasn't the animals, really, it was how their habitats were designed. They actually looked liveable and resembled somewhat of what the animals natural habitat should be. They even had small toys in some habitats for the animals! The animals seemed to enjoy it as well, because they were lively and moved about. Compared to the L.A. zoo, Vancouver Zoo looks dreary. If I was to ever be in L.A. again, I would definitely go back to the Zoo again as they are building new exhibits and its beautiful. I would probably not want to go to the Vancouver Zoo again, especially for around 25$ a ticket? Where as the L.A. zoo was only 14$ per person.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Los Angeles: Day 3

So we have just settled into our apartment in the heart of downtown L.A.; two days of laundry is in the wash and T is behind me googling local grocery stores and farmer markets. On our first day in L.A., we binged on fast food and when I say binge I mean seriously, we stuffed our face with fast food and it's starting to show. McDonalds for breakfast, Taco Bell for lunch, In and Out for dinner - yeah, farmers market sounds good; fresh salads, veggies, no oil, healthy.

Our first two days was spent in Santa Monica. We stumbled across the Santa Monica Pier - which was not as modern as Playland, but definitely had that nostalgic-storybook-date-night-type of feeling, and Venice Beach. We would have loved to spend a whole day just hanging out at the beach, but unfortunately, Santa Monica was not as warm as we thought it would be. The weather was a lot like Vancouver weather - a bit grey and a bit cloudy and a bit windy. Having said that, we explored various parts of the city instead and then shopped along the Third Street Promenade and also at Santa Monica Place.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

And the Canuck's did it again. After a nerve-wracking first two periods, Lapierre scored the winning goal in the first several minutes of the third period - winning game five.
The downtown core shut down and was enveloped by people cheering and parading down the streets. Gotta love all that energy!