Sunday, August 18, 2013

Edible Canada

I have a love & hate relationship with Mondays.

Monday mornings are the worst - it's so hard to wake up and go to work I feel like Garfield and his Monday woes. Thank goodness that at least almost every Monday I can look forward to my Dinner Group! Nothing beats a nice dinner after work, especially on a Monday. Continuing with my fascination of farm-to-table dining we decided to have dinner at Edible Canada located in Granville Island. What's neat about Edible Canada is that they have a retail store-front attached to their restaurant where they sell Canadian-made products/edibles and Canadian wine/spirits.

I am going to keep this short and simple because it's a Sunday and I don't feel like writing such a detailed review. For the appetizers we ordered two soups and two salads to share. I had a Watercress and Cured Fish Salad, B had the Curry Spiced Albacore Tuna Salad with sauteed Kale. T had the Spiced Carrot Bisque and Q had the Market Seafood Soup. My favourite were the salads - they were so fresh and the seasoned fish added a nice meaty touch to the greens. The salads were perfect patio appetizers. As for the two soups, they were a bit of a disappointment. Both the soups were under seasoned and I couldn't really taste the coconut broth and the other spices in the Seafood Soup.
For the entrees Q and I both ordered the Roasted Ling Cod with Creamed Kale and Crispy Potatoes. B ordered Wild Spring Salmon with chowder and shoestring potatoes and T had the Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Stripe Prawns and a crispy soft poached egg. Having poked my fork in all my friends food I think my favourite was the Roasted Ling Cod. The Cod was cooked to perfection and the texture of the fish was very buttery and the skin of the Ling Cod was nice and crispy. I also loved the creamed kale and the crispy potato was a nice added starch to the whole dish. B's Wild Salmon was okay probably a dish that I would only try once and T's Pork Belly was very flavourful and I loved the crispy poached egg - it takes skills to deep fry a poached egg without popping the yoke.

And knowing me, I always want to order dessert. The four of us shared the Farm Fresh Strawberry Tart because B loves her tarts. I really enjoyed the vanilla custard and the macerated strawberries with the strawberry balsamic sauce. What I didn't like was the shortbread crust. I found it to be too soft and it didn't really go well with the vanilla custard. I think if  the shortbread had more crunch to it then the whole dessert would of been magical. Overall it was a pretty successful dinner and I would love to come back to Edible Canada to try out their brunch menu and probably check out their retail store for some Canadian Maple Syrup!

Bye for now.

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    omgggosh i want to eat with you.. the things you guys ordered are like some of my favorite things to eat! and there's seriously NOTHING better than crispy fatty pork belly w/ a runny egg yolk all over it hahaha!