Sunday, August 4, 2013

Restaurant 62

Farm to Table Dining with Q & B

I finally found some friends who are willing to eat at a different restaurant every week with me, and the best part about all this is that I get to pick the restaurant! So this week I was looking for a farm-to-table kind of restaurant and what caught my eye was Restaurant 62 located in Abbotsford. The restaurant is co-owned by Chef Jeff Massey, who use to work at Cioppino, Glowbal and Coast.

With Restaurant 62, Chef Massey's goal was to create a menu where the food is locally sourced. He uses seasonal ingredients and supports the local farms in the Fraser Valley area. Another reason why I chose Restaurant 62 was because they were part of the Abbotsford Circle Farm Tour and after reading review I just had to go try it! The drive out to Abbotsford wasn't too bad, good thing we left Vancouver before rush hour started. We were all very hungry and excited to eat! When we arrived we immediately wanted to sit at the patio because it was so warm and beautiful outside.

We started with three appetizers the first one was a grilled lamb chop with risotto croquette, the second appetizer was steamed mussels and the third was a Sampling Platter of salami, prosciutto, Maple Hill chicken confit and pear Gouda. My favourite was the grilled lamb chop, it was seasoned just right and the meat was very tender. The cured meats in the Sampling Platter was all done in-house. I highly recommend the Sampling Platter to share, it's great with a glass of Sangria. For the entrees I had the Seared Fraser Valley Duck Breast, B had the Seared Salmon and Q had the Seared Halibut Filet. My duck breast was cooked just right and very flavourful. I also took a bite of B and Q's salmon and halibut, the flavours were nice and light but both the fish was a little over-cooked, slightly dry to my liking. Oh, Q also had these two giant prawns which were very delicious but B only allowed me to have a small bite because she knows that I will start to get clown lips if I ate the whole prawn. Now let us move on to dessert, my favourite part of a meal.

Q and B were pretty full after their entrees, but I insisted on ordering dessert! I am so glad we ordered dessert because the "Cookies and Milk" dessert was amazing. I loved the warm cookie with the ice cream. It was a fantastic end to our meal! Restaurant 62 was a nice little adventure for us, but what I love most was how they are so supportive of their local community by providing a sustainable menu for their diners. We had a good time at Restaurant 62 the weather was amazing and the food was good. I can't wait till our next dinner party! 

Enjoy, because we sure did!

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