Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rajio Japanese Public House

Date night at Rajio in Kitsilano 

Took me a while to write about Rajio Japanese Public House located in the Kitsilano neighbourhood. I have been procrastinating due to the lovely weather were having in Vancouver (it only started to get nice and hot after Canada Day). I've been too busy enjoying the sun and attending barbecues. So here it is Rajio -  a quaint little tapas restaurant opened by the same restaurant group who owns Suika and Kingyo. T was the one who told me about this restaurant because a friend of his was at Rajio not too long ago to try out their famous 1kg Steak. This got me curious because I love steak and I wanted to see how big a 1kg steak was and how much of it I could eat!

Seasoned Raw Cabbage - Hamachi Sashimi - Tuna Ceviche
We started with some appetizers first. We got a complimentary bowl of seasoned raw cabbage and we ordered a plate of Hamachi sashimi and a Tuna Ceviche. Both the Hamachi and Tuna Ceviche was delicious no complaints there, but the bowl of raw cabbage was way too salty. I would of liked it better if they hadn't put so much sauce on the cabbage.   

Whenever there's oyster on the menu I will always order a dozen or two. Since T and I were going to tackle the 1kg steak we decided to share a dozen raw oysters. The oysters arrived on a bed of ice and they were topped with green onion and a jelly-like sauce (which I have no idea what it was). The oysters were very fresh my only complaint is that there weren't enough wedges of lemon! Three slices of lemon isn't enough for 12 oysters. 

And... finally the famous Super Rib Steak! After all the appetizers and oysters I was surprised that T and I was able to eat more then half of this gigantic 1kg steak! The steak was cooked fairly well, the inside was medium rare - very juicy and tender. Closer to the outside of the steak it was slightly over-cooked, but still not too bad. I loved how they served it with wasabi - a very good replacement  for horse radish. I was totally satisfied with my meal at Rajio and I packed the rest of the steak to-go for E because I knew she would enjoy it. I would probably come back to Rajio just so I can try the rest of their menu. As for the 1kg steak, I think it's a one-time dish for me, unless my friends want to order it. The place is small so make sure you make a reservation or go early!

Bye for now.

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  1. omggggggg omg drooling over your food! those oysters look SOOOOOOOOOO DELICIOUS! omgosh crazy delicious!!!!

  2. The food looks so fresh! And 1kg is huge O.O I'm glad you shared it :P

  3. the food looks amazing! omg the rib and the oysters = heaven!!