Wednesday, March 27, 2013

HitRECord on TV!

I am super excited to hear that HitRECord will be on TV! I love browsing through the site and checking out different artists and what they do. Everyone on HitRECord is very passionate about their work 

There's a whole lot of great collaboration happening on HitRECord!

Watch & Collaborate!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Vancouver Fashion Week

Vancouver Fashion Week
Fall/Winter 2013

Wednesday March 20th: Opening Show
5:00pm EIK Designs
5:30pm Mirae Kim
5:45pm Emily Hart
6:00pm QiQee by Kidde Itto
6:30pm Pandora
7:00pm Papillion
7:30pm Nikki Babie
7:45pm Shelley Klassen of Blushing Boutique

 Keeping warm at Starbucks before the show.
Our outfits 
We live in Raincouver, so a must have accessory is an umbrella.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Exclusive on Kamei Baru

Who can say no to a few drinks in the early afternoon? I sure can't. Klip Magazine invited me to sit-in on an exclusive interview with the much anticipated Kamei Baru: a new Japanese restaurant located by Scotia Bank Theater on Burrard Street. 

Kamei Baru is opened by the Kamei Group, who also owns the well known restaurant, Ebisu. This much anticipated restaurant is due to debut tomorrow night, Thursday March 21st. Upon stepping into the establishment, I noticed that the dining room is spacious - comfortable and opened up with high ceilings. They also have an upstairs lounge which is great for private parties and special events. What I found most interesting about Kamei Baru is that they have a wonderful Sake Connoisseur, Kana, who is absolutely brilliant when it comes to pairing food with sake!

I had the opportunity to watch Kana whip up some yummy concoctions. She is a certified Sake Connoisseur from Japan and she can tell you when, where and how each sake is fermented. Kamei Baru has been very particular with the types of sake they carry and Kana is also one of the rare Japanese bartenders who is a Certified Sake Connoisseur. I also learned from her that the best way to drink Brandy is to pour a bit of it into the glass and swish it around to "wash" the glass, then discard it and fill the glass up again. The "swishing" motion is suppose to fill the glass with the aroma of the cognac. I learn something new everyday!

Her concoctions of the day were a Green Tea Martini, a Yuzu Margarita, which was delicious and very refreshing - definitely a great drink for the ladies. Last but not least she made an Earl Grey Martini, where she infused gin with Earl Grey Tea. Very clever!  

I can't wait to try out their menu. Their Sake Connoisseur was a darling to meet and all her concoctions were unique and inventive - can you imagine how wonderful their chefs would be? I can't wait for a taste test!

See you all there tomorrow night!
Bye for now.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Bubble Teas

Collection - Part 1

Fairbee @ Lansdowne Mall - This is a JUMBO Honey Green Tea with Coconut Jelly & Strawberry bubbles that burst in your mouth hmm yum...  

Soho @ Cambie Corridor - Milk Tea with Pearls and a Passion Fruit Green Tea, my favourite was the Passion Fruit Green Tea oh so refreshing.

Bubble World @ Fraser St. - Mango Milk Slush and Strawberry Slush, I am bias because I love anything mango, so my Mango Milk Slush was better then B's Strawberry Slush.

Taro & Oreo Slush with Pearls @ Bubble World on Fraser, and Honey Green Tea @ Wangs on Granville and 68th. I still prefer Bubble World.

Wheat Germ Bubble Tea @ Pearl Castle and Mango Star Green Tea @ Estea in Burnaby. Both drinks were really good but I think I'd prefer the service at Estea a little bit more, but that's not saying much since neither places had servers who'd smile at you.

Tea and Coffee all in one JUMBO sized glass @ Kings Park in Richmond. I miss the Hong Kong style teas and coffees, it's just not the same...

That's it for now.

Saint Patrick's Day with J

I tried to wear green, but someone pointed out that my shirt 
was teal and not green like a Leprachaun's hat...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! J and I had lunch at the Compass Group... is that what this place is called? I honestly have no idea, this market/cafe is located  right above the Granville Station before you go up to Topshop. We chose to eat here because it was the least crowded (but service was still on the slow slide, they need more then one person manning the panini section). Their logo was everywhere but I couldn't make out what the place was called. My receipt said the Compass Group. So anyways...

We both had the Smoked Salmon Panini with capers, arugula and basil spread. J had the cream of mushroom soup and I had a garden salad. The Panini was very fresh, the soup and salad was nothing special, this all came to about $13.00 each J and I felt that it was a little pricey considering I could of gotten a delicious burger at Warehouse (probably not as healthy) for $4.95! I think the only reason why we decided to try this place out is because it wasn't packed like the rest of the restaurants along Granville Street.  

Would I give this place a second chance? 
I probably would because they have a little dessert section and I am a sucker for desserts.

Downtown Robson, was very busy, I got a glimpse of the parade before I made my way to J's place to have lunch with her. It sucks to be short, I should of bought my own step ladder.

I believe this is called an Irish Terrier? I love giant dogs.

Bye for now.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shh! Recording.

This is what Vancouverites do on an extremely rainy day.

Well, maybe not everyone
T, I suggest you check out

See you when I see you.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tokyo Joe's Richmond

There is a crafty project happening in the next two weeks and I am very excited about it! I get a chance to be creative and play with pretty paper and all sorts of little decals *smiley face* and you know being creative and crafty is hard work so I must eat to keep up my energy!

A and I decided to hit up Tokyo Joe's for a power lunch. I've been to Tokyo Joe's several times and they are probably one of my favourite affordable sushi hang-outs in Richmond. Their Rolls are creative and delicious, they are always busy whenever I am there so to me that's a good sign. There's absolutely no ambiance to the place but it's not a bad thing because the servers make up for it by being very friendly and eccentric. There is this one lady that I love seeing. She's hilarious to talk to! If you are a frequent customer like me, you should know who I am talking about.

We ordered the Ackroyd Roll which is topped with chopped scallops and a spicy mayo sauce, the Rainbow Roll is topped with avaocado, tuna, salmon and ebi with some massago as garnish. We also had a half order of salmon sashimi and toro sashimi. The rolls were delicious and I like how it's a decent size, so I can put the whole thing in my mouth. I think my only complaint would be that the salmon sashimi should of been sliced a little thinner, it's just a personal preference of mine. Tokyo Joe's is a much better alternative than some of the other sushi restaurants in Richmond if your looking for something affordable, and tasty with some visible quality to their food.

Any good suggestions?
Bye for now.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cheese & Wine Night @ the Kwong Sisters

Say CHEESE... and WINE! 

Yesterday we had a Cheese and Wine night hosted by the Kwong Sisters. It was a good start to the weekend, at least for me it is. TGIF everyone!

Had a great time catching up with old high school buddies.
This is what A said, "we're a very mature crowd now."

Cheers Everyone!

DeDutch with B.

Lunch Date.

Been feeling a bit glum lately, life is sometimes very overwhelming and blah, blah, blah. Anyways B decided I needed a lunch date so we made our way to DeDutch on Kingsway and Knight Street.

The first thing I will mention is that I loved our server. She was so happy and bubbly that it made me forget why I was feeling so glum!

I ordered a Smoked Salmon and Red Onion Brie Toastie and a pot of English Breakfast. My Toastie was superb, didn't know brie was so good! B ordered the BC Bene which is Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce. She also ordered a side of Turkey Bacon, which I never got a chance to take a picture of because we devoured it in seconds. It was nice and crispy and not greasy at all.

I haven't been to DeDutch for a long time and have forgotten how good it is. I am glad we came here instead of WhiteSpot.

 Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce.

Happy eating! and thanks B for the date, really needed it 
Bye for now.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Breakfast anyone?

Good Morning.

Peppermint Tea
Soft-boil Egg with some S & P
Sour-dough English Muffins with Garlic Herb Butter

Life of a music student

So my friend B had a very important paper due, and she was told she needed to be creative, and she came up with the idea of making her paper look like old scrolls. So this was what happened at 3am in the morning. We used Tetley Tea bags to stain her paper and then burnt the edges of her paper to make it look "antique" and old. 

It was so much fun to play with fire, but messy because we didn't know there would be so much ash.
Good thing we had a Swifer.

Good night.