Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Exclusive on Kamei Baru

Who can say no to a few drinks in the early afternoon? I sure can't. Klip Magazine invited me to sit-in on an exclusive interview with the much anticipated Kamei Baru: a new Japanese restaurant located by Scotia Bank Theater on Burrard Street. 

Kamei Baru is opened by the Kamei Group, who also owns the well known restaurant, Ebisu. This much anticipated restaurant is due to debut tomorrow night, Thursday March 21st. Upon stepping into the establishment, I noticed that the dining room is spacious - comfortable and opened up with high ceilings. They also have an upstairs lounge which is great for private parties and special events. What I found most interesting about Kamei Baru is that they have a wonderful Sake Connoisseur, Kana, who is absolutely brilliant when it comes to pairing food with sake!

I had the opportunity to watch Kana whip up some yummy concoctions. She is a certified Sake Connoisseur from Japan and she can tell you when, where and how each sake is fermented. Kamei Baru has been very particular with the types of sake they carry and Kana is also one of the rare Japanese bartenders who is a Certified Sake Connoisseur. I also learned from her that the best way to drink Brandy is to pour a bit of it into the glass and swish it around to "wash" the glass, then discard it and fill the glass up again. The "swishing" motion is suppose to fill the glass with the aroma of the cognac. I learn something new everyday!

Her concoctions of the day were a Green Tea Martini, a Yuzu Margarita, which was delicious and very refreshing - definitely a great drink for the ladies. Last but not least she made an Earl Grey Martini, where she infused gin with Earl Grey Tea. Very clever!  

I can't wait to try out their menu. Their Sake Connoisseur was a darling to meet and all her concoctions were unique and inventive - can you imagine how wonderful their chefs would be? I can't wait for a taste test!

See you all there tomorrow night!
Bye for now.


  1. Looks like a great place for drinks and snacks. Would definitely go try it out~ Awesome preview!

  2. i've follow back your blog dear :))

  3. Wow this place looks amazing! I love the flavours of the cocktails

  4. Oh really nice place.
    Georgeus photographs.


  5. ohhh those cocktails sound amazing.. especially the yuzu margarita it looks so pretty and girly in the picture love!! hehehe!

    1. Let me know when youre in Vancouver haha I will take you around =)

  6. Hey love, thanks for dropping and adding me on G+ <3

    I've added you back on G+ and also GFC! Fear not! Apparently GFC is not closing if we are bloggers, something like that >.> I don't really know how it work but bla bla bla they say it's not going away, I say it's better to be safe than sorry =P

    Anyhooooo! EARL GREY MARTINI sounds AWESOME! o.o I once had an Earl Grey Cheese Cake, it's so good so I can't wait to try this! Too bad I don't think I will be going to Vancouver anytime soon T_T Though I would love to! Pft! <3

    Nice to meet you <3