Monday, March 18, 2013

Bubble Teas

Collection - Part 1

Fairbee @ Lansdowne Mall - This is a JUMBO Honey Green Tea with Coconut Jelly & Strawberry bubbles that burst in your mouth hmm yum...  

Soho @ Cambie Corridor - Milk Tea with Pearls and a Passion Fruit Green Tea, my favourite was the Passion Fruit Green Tea oh so refreshing.

Bubble World @ Fraser St. - Mango Milk Slush and Strawberry Slush, I am bias because I love anything mango, so my Mango Milk Slush was better then B's Strawberry Slush.

Taro & Oreo Slush with Pearls @ Bubble World on Fraser, and Honey Green Tea @ Wangs on Granville and 68th. I still prefer Bubble World.

Wheat Germ Bubble Tea @ Pearl Castle and Mango Star Green Tea @ Estea in Burnaby. Both drinks were really good but I think I'd prefer the service at Estea a little bit more, but that's not saying much since neither places had servers who'd smile at you.

Tea and Coffee all in one JUMBO sized glass @ Kings Park in Richmond. I miss the Hong Kong style teas and coffees, it's just not the same...

That's it for now.


  1. yay! i love bubble tea too!! OMGGG that first one looks CRAZY BIG! the cup is like XL size haha! i love popping bubbles too!!

    1. Yeahhhh! the first one is as big as my face haha $5 so pretty good for that price =)

  2. I love bubble tea! I haven't had them in ages~~

    I've tried the milk tea and matcha one only and I've yet to try out others.

    The Taro & Oreo Slush one looks good.. We have taro bubble tea here but it's not mixed with oreo and I'm sure oreos make the drink a tonne better. This post makes me so thirsty lol!

    1. Bubble Tea joints are very popular in Vancouver its a great little place to hang out and most of them open till 2am =)

  3. haha so many different types of bubble tea! I love them all too, and yeah blogging is also a stress reliever for me too!