Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meet the "Bellas"

Grand Opening 
Sushi Bella on Davie Street Vancouver BC

This is munchzilla's first article for KLIP Magazine
a free publication in Vancouver.

This was really fun to write and I had a great time meeting Chef Kabel 
the "crazy" owner of the "Bellas" - below is the article, the picture above is a little hard to read.

The “Bellas” - we don’t go classic we go crazy because we are young.

Vancouver is very well known for being a multi-cultural city and because of that, the city is blessed with a variety of restaurants serving up many different types of dishes and fusion cuisine dining has been on the steady rise, so what is fusion cuisine exactly? By definition it’s the combining of elements from different culinary traditions and using those elements to create a dish that is unique in itself. This is exactly what Chef Kabel, owner and Executive Chef of the Japanese fusion restaurants, Sushi Bella, strives to achieve. Chef Kabel’s unique take on Japanese fusion starts with his concept of using fresh vibrant Japanese ingredients and pairing them with Italian inspired sauces such as pesto and reductions – and then French plating his creations.

Chef Kabel started his culinary journey in the 90’s and was trained at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in French cuisine. His passion for food and culinary adventure has taken him around the world – Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong and New York to name a few – and with him, he brought back the tastes and flavours of those places and merged them with his culinary style to create the ultimate fusion dining experience. His line of successful fusion restaurants, a line of “Bella’s” which is synonymous with the word beauty in the Italian language has grown harmoniously with his immense passion for beautiful presentation and inventive Japanese fusion cuisine. The very first Sushi Bella made its debut in Lonsdale, North Vancouver and has grown to become one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in the North Shore. Following the success of Sushi Bella, a second location was opened along the chic streets of West 4th in Kitsilano and a third location popped up in the ever-bustling Davie Street and it hasn't stopped there.

Now, there’s a fourth Bella joining Chef Kabel’s family of Japanese fusion restaurants. Aqua Bella is Chef Kabel’s newest addition to his family of “Bella’s”. Aqua Bella’s dining inspiration comes from its surroundings of being located in the hip and stylish Robson Street area. Chef Kabel wanted to create a space where he can showcase his passion for culinary arts and for both his staff and customers to feel at ease. The dining area of Aqua Bella is centered around a beautifully constructed bar, the whole interior is very modern and edgy with a lot of carefully placed ambiance lighting. There’s also a great patio area for those warm summer nights where diners can enjoy a glass of wine and a meal outside.

The menu will feature favourites from the other Sushi Bella’s such as the Trio Agedashi, Sushi Pizza, the Asian Dream Salad and the famous Bella Tower which is fresh salmon and tuna tartar, avocado and crab mixture all stacked up and drizzled with wasabi mayo and pesto. There will also be a variety of fun and inventive sushi rolls, and Hawaiian inspired dishes such as the Hawaiian Poke which consists of fresh red tuna sashimi soy and sesame dressing and delectable Aloha Fish Tacos where the fish is deep fried and served with a fresh mango salsa and garlic toppings. Customers can also expect a whole array of fresh oysters and seafood – where diners will be given a chance to “play” with their food by using a small wooden mallet and a wooden block. Who wouldn’t love to bash around their crab claw before devouring it?

Aqua Bella is located on Robson between Cardero and Nicola Street, and is due to open during the Easter long weekend with a fun and unique menu and a selection of wine and hot sake.

Bye for now.

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  1. ohhhh looks so good!!! you're making me want to eat at ALL of the "Bella's" hahahah :p

    yay for maxi dresses!! :) don't you just love them they're so comfy and you look pulled together and chic at the same time!!

  2. Oh this looks so good. I think Chefs are really amazing people and I totally respect them for their job.

    Oh all the food, omnomnom!

    You just made a full person hungry! And that's saying something! Hehehe <3

    1. Yeah I totally agree on how amazing Chefs are =) and if youre ever in Vancouver give me a shout we can go on a food adventure!

    2. Too bad I am only going to Sydney at the end of this year T_T WHY DIDN'T I BOOK VANCOUVER TICKETS BUT SYDNEY WHY?! QQ

      If you are ever in Melaka, Malaysia, give me a shout out too! We go on a food adventure and roll back >D

  3. Love the pictures for this article! I'll have to keep this place in mind the next time I'm down in Vancouver!

    1. Yes for sure! And let me know how you liked it =)