Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cafe de l'Orangie

Café de l'Orangie
Funny thing - I was browsing through Urbanspoon and then on Yelp for a Japanese restaurant that's close to home. I was craving sushi, but I also wanted pasta too! Oh the dilemma!
So after ten minutes of browsing I came across Café de L'Orangie, which had really good reviews on both Urbanspoon and Yelp, and the plus-side - it was close to home. T and I checked it out and the place was cozy and quite busy for a Tuesday night, lots of families were there.
To satisfy my pasta craving I ordered the Masago de Creamy Spaghetti (Squid, mushroom, asparagus, roe, cream) This pasta was really well executed, I loved the masago, it gave the pasta a very nice texture and the cream sauce didn't feel too heavy and overwhelming.
T also wanted a pasta but he decided to try their Curry with Pork Cutlet. The Pork Cutlet was very crispy, yet still very juicy on the inside. What T and I really liked about this dish was their curry! It looked to me like a veggie curry, I loved how they had diced veggies in the curry sauce. The curry was thicker and had more of a bite to it because of the diced veggies. I could just eat this curry with rice and nothing else all day, it was that good!
And onto dessert! Café de L'Orangie had a very attractive dessert menu. They had an assortment of home-made cakes and pies that changes everyday, brules and Japanese Parfaits.

T and I shared a Zunda Dango Parfait (Rice balls, sweet green bean paste, red bean, ice cream and black sugar sauce). The dessert was a little disappointing, mostly due to the runny ice cream we had, other than that the pairing of flavours was really good. I will definitely be back again to try the rest of their dinner menu and dessert menu!
Until next time Café de l'Orangie

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