Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kamei Baru - Grand Opening

This past Thursday Kamei Baru had their Grand Opening event! 

The Kamei Group has been around since 1972 and it's nice to see that they are continuously expanding. E and I got a chance to attend this event, and when we got there the place was super busy. Surprisingly we bumped into some old friends that we haven't seen for a very long time! 

The traditional Sake Breaking is suppose to bring good fortune and harmony to the establishment. After the Sake Breaking, shots of it was passed out to all the guests 

It was a busy night, a lot of bloggers attended the event and it was quite nice to meet some of them and put a face to the food blogs I read and follow! There were a lot of tapas being served that night. It was hard trying to snap pictures of everything since the servers were so busy serving all the hungry guests. I think what E and I liked the most about  this event was that they had an oyster bar upstairs. The oysters were all freshly shucked and served with lemon, green onion and a ponzu sauce. They also had an endless supply of wine and sake too! Overall it was a good night the staff was really friendly and the tapas were delicious. We also got a gift-certificate and a VIP card to use the next time we dine at Kamei Baru.

Enjoy, because we sure did.

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