Friday, June 17, 2011

Los Angeles: Day 4

After a hearty breakfast/brunch, we took a day trip to the L.A. zoo and I loved it. The weather was finally warm - skin-hugging, sweat dropping type of  warm. The Zoo closed at five and we arrived at 3:30PM. The attendant told me that they start bringing in the animals at four... giving us a thirty minute time frame to cram in as many exhibits as possible. 

We did manage to see everything, or the majority of everything that we wanted to see, in an hour or so. They had a good variety of animals, birds, and even animals you would find in the aquarium: seals and sea lions. What I loved most about the L.A. zoo wasn't the animals, really, it was how their habitats were designed. They actually looked liveable and resembled somewhat of what the animals natural habitat should be. They even had small toys in some habitats for the animals! The animals seemed to enjoy it as well, because they were lively and moved about. Compared to the L.A. zoo, Vancouver Zoo looks dreary. If I was to ever be in L.A. again, I would definitely go back to the Zoo again as they are building new exhibits and its beautiful. I would probably not want to go to the Vancouver Zoo again, especially for around 25$ a ticket? Where as the L.A. zoo was only 14$ per person.

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  1. Sounds like you guys are having a blast. Enjoy the experience!