Tuesday, January 22, 2013

E made it to Hong Kong

E finally made it to Hong Kong.
These pictures sort of summarize what's been happening.

Chillin' at Silly Boo located in Tin Hau and catching up on some reading.

I lent E Unsaid by Neil Abramson and I am reading The Choice by Nicholas Sparks.

We also had our fair share of street food.
Jumbo sausage & duck breast

Skewered chicken wings, jumbo sausage, dragon's beard candy floss.

Assorted fruits with grass jelly, deep fried chicken, fish sui mai, assorted meat skewers and a peanut butter and condensed milk waffle.

The best thing about Hong Kong restaurants is that when they run out of seating space inside they just whip out some chairs and tables and put them on the side walk and viola! more seating space!

This was our detox solution to all the greasy food we have been munching on in the past month

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