Saturday, December 29, 2012

My "dai pai dong" experience

東寶小館 Tung Po

In Hong Kong there are some really, really good places to eat at but unless you’re a local some of these places are hard to find. So I am very blessed to have made some wonderful friends in Hong Kong who are such big foodies! I've been dying to have my first "dai pai dong" experience in Hong Kong. A Dai Pai Dong is characterized by its open/outdoor kitchen and mostly outdoor seating under some sort of makeshift awning in case of rain, but because of health reasons and government regulations a lot of dai pai dongs have been shut down. Lucky for me the place V took us to still exist. The dai pai dong we went to is situated on top of a wet market therefore they always have fresh seafood available.

The place was packed and the atmosphere was awesome, they cranked up their music and the aroma of fresh seafood is just so inviting! I can’t even begin to describe how good each dish tasted! I just wished we had more people so I could have ordered more food!

V started us off with a plate of sliced cucumbers and diced squid it was served cold with a creamy wasabi sauce. This was a very good appetizer because it was very refreshing and the wasabi opened up my appetite for more! I highly recommend trying this place out because I will definitely go back again.

Steamed clams with white wine

Deep fried shrimp (I am not sure what it was covered with)

Scallops steamed with a garlicky soy sauce with vermicelli 

Very Crispy Chicken & Gai Lan in a fish soup

Sticky rice

And this is how I ended my night... with some sweet tofu

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  1. ohhhhhhhhmygod die! i've never ever been to HK but i'm dying dying to go! my hubs family is from HK! and he always tells me stories and it sounds so awesome! omgosh the food here looks insane! the crispy chicken and the scallops w/ vermicelli noodles that looks so NOMS!