Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Spaghetti House HK

I have a tendency to have a lot of random cravings. Sometimes I would crave for a juicy cheeseburger or chicken wings or raw oysters or a mango milk tea... the list can go on forever! So after being in Hong Kong for a couple of months I started to crave for pasta. I have asked some friends of mine wheres a good place to go for pasta and a lot of them couldn't really think of any restaurants to refer me to. So I guess to satisfy my pasta craving T and I visited The Spaghetti House, the one located some where in TST.

We ordered their lasagna and two of their mini late afternoon tea sets. We chose a baked spaghetti bolognese and the baked fish fillet pasta in a cream sauce. Both our mini sets came with a lobster bisque and a drink. The lasagna and lobster bisque was really well done, the lasagna was really cheesy (which I like), the pasta was cooked perfectly (firm with a nice bite to it) and the meat sauce wasn't runny at all.  

The lobster bisque had a really nice puff pastry and the soup was very creamy. 
I would definitely order this again. 

I loved their lasagna but their two baked pastas was a little disappointing. Both the baked pastas were hard and chewy and when I mean chewy I don't mean the Al dente kind of chewy. The Spaghetti House does have a good selection of pastas and pizzas I guess its a matter of trial and error. They also have a cheese fondue which I am very curious about, so I guess when E is in Hong Kong I would probably drag her back here to try it. 

I still crave for pasta, but I might have to wait till I am back in Vancouver 
unless someone has a good suggestion?

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