Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vbest Tea House SOHO

Vbest Tea House
G/F 17 Elgin Street, SOHO, Central
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We ordered stir fried Vermicelli and shrimp, Bok Choy with garlic, Ma-Po Tofu, and Tomato fried eggs. 
Vbest is a ma & pa styled restaurant located in the ever bustling district of SOHO. The food is family style home cooking and this is the kind of food I really miss. I miss my mom's cooking and her array of soups. Vbest prides itself for using fresh ingredients and very little salt and no MSG. That means I don't have to down glasses of tea after my meal and then spend the next hour trying to find a clean washroom to use. 

I think one of my favourite dishes from Vbest was their roast duck breast and their pumpkin soup! The thinly sliced duck breast was well flavoured and the meat was so tender too. The pumpkin soup was amazing I could probably drink several bowls if I didn't have to eat any of the other dishes. 


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