Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Spicy Chicken Pot @ Tai Wai


Shop 15, G/F, Holford Garden Commercial Complex, Tai Wai 

T has a bunch of friends in Hong Kong from his high school days, so as a nice little reunion his friends invited us out to Tai Wai to try this famous Spicy Chicken Hot Pot... which you can see how spicy it is because half-way through our meal we had to fish out all the hot peppers. The more you boil these peppers the spicier the soup becomes!

So with such a spicy meal there has to be beer! Oh boy, we sure drank a lot of Asahi that night, but mind you it really did help put out the fires in our mouths! 

And this is how we ended our night! 
Black Sesame Mochi Balls
Sweet Papaya and White Fungus Soup
Hot Tofu with Ginger Sugar

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