Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cafe Deco @ The Peak

Let the pictures do all the talking...
So 9 of us went to wine and dine at Cafe Deco located at the Peak. I am glad that all of us were such big eaters because there was definitely a lot of food that night. Just think of each picture I took and times that by 9, and lets not forget that I didn't even take any pictures of the pastas that were served or the array of Gelatos we had! It was a night to remember. Amazing dishes and great company.

Big thanks to I's cousin and her beautiful friend.

Oysters (if I remember correctly, they're from France?) 
and Cherrystone Clam

Foie Gras Cone, this was amazing the rice soaked up all 
the sauce from the foie gras

There was a special name for these shrimps but I never did get the
English translation for it, the shrimp tails were served raw and then... 

... the heads were later deep fried to a crisp, tasted like those shrimp cracker chip things

Assorted sashimi and xiao long bao filled with foie gras 
and crab meat

Now onto the main courses! What we have here is grilled 
tandoori lamb chops!

Grilled herb Sea Bass

Grilled medium-rare pork chop!

So this is my selection of desserts, a chocolate souffle,  pavlova,
and a chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake!

Toodles for now!

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