Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Update: May 14 2012 @ 7:00pm - I can't believe I gave this place a second chance.
Theirry is overrated and I am not happy with their level of condescending service

I have tried going to Theirry a couple times, and each time it was overflowing with people. I would glance at their cakes and macarons longingly and almost tear upon leaving because I couldn't get a taste of those delicate treats. Yesterday night, after our movie and dinner at Save-On-Meats (oh the juxtaposition of the two), we stopped by at Theirry for dessert and was in luck! There were a couple of empty tables on their patio! I was so ecstatic and seriously wanted to go crazy and order everything. B would have probably encouraged me with the usual, "Get it if you want it", but this time I was strong and only grabbed two pastries: the exotic fruit tart and the opera cake, and a few macarons - as well as a sencha tea to share.
And after all that hype, I was quite disappointed with Theirry. The fruit tart was nicely decorated with all sorts of fruit, but bland. The pastry cream was almost tasteless. Granted that the fruits used were off-season, but it really tasted like the tart has been there for a while. The most off putting thing about the tart was that the pineapples on it tasted like dirty dish water. I can't find a better way to describe that rancid smell from the pineapples besides that. In contrast to the tart, my opera cake was so sweet it almost made me gag. I could barely detect any coffee or chocolate taste because it was that sweet. I couldn't even taste my sencha tea after one bite and that is a really strong green tea. Those coveted macarons were overly sweet and heavy just like my cake. I was only able to take one bite of my macaron before I had to pack up the rest in a box.

Albeit that the store and desserts itself are very visually appealing, I probably won't go back to Theirry, and B agrees. It seems like a lot of people really enjoy it, but I think it was just way too sweet for me.

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