Monday, March 5, 2012

Cafe Gloucester

I am hungry! Oh so hungry that I am willing to eat at Cafe Gloucester... rawr!

So this is where we went after attending the Vancouver International Salsa Festival showcase at the Westin Bayshore. Cafe Gloucester is good, but not excellent. I always find myself coming here for breakfast, lunch or dinner because it's just so convenient. Cafe Gloucester serves Hong Kong style meals with a Western twist. You ask me what that "twist" is? Well I have no idea, but when I find out I will update this post. The waitresses are always pleasant and the food generally arrives quite fast, unless the kitchen accidentally skips over your order.

The pictures above pretty much sums it up - it looks good but it doesn't taste like excellence. The seafood fried rice was Alan's choice, I went with the mixed grill because I was starving and Alvin the chipmunk had a custard thick toast.

My mixed grill consisted of lamb, steak, chicken and deep fried mystery fish. It also comes with a soup of the day, rice or a long list of other sides that you could choose from, a sauce of your choice, and a drink. I was starving and everything on my hot plate tasted good but surprisingly the fish was my favorite, the batter was very fluffy and the fish itself just melted inside my mouth. I also had a nibble of Alvin's custard thick toast, I found it a little eggy and crumbly for my taste. I think I will stick to my condensed milk thick toast or their french toast with maple syrup. All in all, my stomach was satisfied but I can't say the same for my taste buds - I am craving for a well seasoned t-bone steak!

We jumbo-sized our Lemon Ice Teas! It doesn't look like it in the pictures, but they were very big. Ryan needed to entertain himself while he waited for the kitchen to find his food order.

Till next time Cafe Gloucester - see ya!

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  1. i loveee love hong kong cafe's!! that's def one thing i miss being in germany.. i use to go late night grubbin with the hubs in sf.. and order like asian/italian pasta w/ a tall cold lemon honey tea! hahaha your mixed plate looks noms!

    1. Mmm, cold lemon honey tea is the way to go!