Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Keg Yaletown

I had a lousy work week. I think the weather kind of got to me, so when the sun started to shine on Saturday I was excited for a night out.

I have been to The Keg many times, the location that I usually hit up is the one on Granville Island so when T suggested we grab some dinner at The Keg in Yaletown I didn't really think much of it. We called ahead to ask what the waiting time was because on most Saturdays its usually fairly busy so I was surprised that they told us it would only be about a 20 minute wait. It took some patience to try to find parking in Yaletown, but after several tries we got a good spot and the parking was free too. Surprisingly when we got to The Keg in Yaletown we were seated immediately and from then on I was amazed with our server! I always thought The Keg was pretty consistent with providing good customer service but our server (Neil) at the Yaletown location was fantastic, he gave us an excellent run-down of the specials for the night and then came back promptly to take our orders. We got the Cocktail Shrimp and the French Onion Soup to start, for our main course we told our server that we wanted to split the Keg-O-Mega which is a 24oz Prime Rib that isn't on the main menu. When our appetizers arrived I started to snap away and our server noticed my picture-taking and asked if I was doing a food blog, I said yes and he immediately came back with this delicious 3 cheese whipped butter and told T and I that we must try this spread with our warm bread. And what do you know, it was delicious!

Its not really the food that amazed me. I mean the meal was very good it definitely satisfied my taste-buds, but it was our server that made such a memorable impression for me. He was such a happy fellow and very attentive but not over bearing. Nearing the end of our meal he chatted with us for a bit and told me that I should check out The Keg's lunch-time menu which features the "Keg Dog" which is this amazing hot dog that is served with a garlic bread bun, avocados and other delicious ingredients. It sounded so good that it got me excited to visit The Keg again! We also found out that our server got an amazing job offer in management at the Fairmount Hotel and his background was in Hotel Management before he moved to Vancouver. I wish him the best of luck in his career and I hope the next time I visit The Keg in Yaletown that I will meet another excellent server with an interest story to tell.

We ended our night at Tunnel which was a little lounge with a small dance floor. We were there to visit T's friend and I wanted to go dancing. It was my first time at Tunnel, we arrived at 11:00pm the place was very quiet. The music was sub-par and once the clock struck midnight we were outta there pronto...

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