Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mid-term Munchies

Mid-terms for me are over. Hurrah. Well, considering the fact that I only had one, it wasn't too bad. Nonetheless though, I still munched out like I usually do when I study. I don't know if it's just me, but nibbling on something while I furiously hammer in numbers into my calculator really helps. So what have I been munching on? Mostly cookies. Butter biscuits to be exact - oh and seaweed. Can't forget about seaweed. I love that stuff. My Mom recently brought home a package of Butter Biscuits from Anna's Cake House. Originally I thought these were Napoleon Cookies until I read the label, but in my defense that is what they really tasted like minus the cream - light and flakey, sweet but not tooth-achingly sweet, and loaded with walnuts galore. They were delicate but were able to hold their shape nicely even when bitten into. The top was soft, and flaky like pie crust but once you bit through to the center there was a definite crunch. If you ever had those Asian butterfly cookies as a kid, this is the adult 2.0 version of it. Oh, and you can definitely taste the butter, hence the name butter biscuit.

Aside from stuffing my face with Anna's butter biscuits, I also devoured sheets of seaweed like a manatee. I absolutely adore seaweed snacks and have tried my fair share. For awhile, the Edo brand was my go-to for all my seaweed snack cravings. They tasted fairly good and came in convenient little packs, however I felt like they go stale quite fast - usually getting really sticky. So I have moved on from that and discovered my new love. It's a Korean brand and I have no clue what it is called because I don't speak Korean. It came in a pack of 12 for roughly $5. 12 packs might seem like a lot, but believe me, it gets really addicting. I finished more than half my package on the first day. There were three flavors: sunflower oil, grape-seed oil, and olive oil. Having said that, this brand of seaweed is a bit oily as well as salty, but hey, aren't these oils good for you? Anyways, each package had 12 sheets and they were all thin and crispy without it being deep-fried. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, deep fried seaweed? It exists. I tried it. It's okay. So that's about all I have to say for now. Tomorrow I have reservations at Water St. Cafe in Gastown, which I'm looking forwards to and tonight is Chinese New Years Eve. So much food! I love it. See you when I see you, and 新年快乐!


  1. Tell me how Water Street is! I'm going tomorrow. Hehehe :D


  2. Aw, I actually had to cancel last minute and couldn't go... so you tell me how it is! With pics! :D