Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sushi Oyama - Japanese Dining House

Sushi Oyama is a converted heritage home originally owned by Andrew Johnson who came to Vancouver from Norway and built the house in 1910. After his death his wife sold the beautiful home to Charles Aitchison in 1946, where he turned it into a funeral home until 1981. So there is quite a bit of history behind this heritage home. When I stepped into the restaurant it felt like I was going over to a friend's house for dinner! The place was swarming with dinner guests and the lady in red was an excellent hostess.

Even though there were quite a bit of people waiting for a table, we were seated very quickly since it was just T and I. Our server was very friendly and attentive, tea and menus were handed to us while she ushered away to serve other hungry guests. 

We ordered their Miso Soup, Negitoro Roll, Avocado Roll, Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Roll and a Salmon Sashimi Don. The rolls were quite big and the salmon pieces were huge. When we placed our order it didn't sound like a lot of food to us, but when our rolls started to arrive the portions were quite big. We definitely had some left overs to take home.

Would I come back? I think it would be a yes for me, but I need to come back with a bigger group so I could try more of their specialty rolls. They did a great job on the Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Roll. If I were to be picky about something, it would be the Avocado Roll. I didn't like how loosely packed the rice was, but I wouldn't have ordered the Avocado Roll in the first place, it was T's decision. The meal came to $26.00 for the two of us and we were stuffed! 

I'm a sucker for heritage homes, I wish I could of explored the house while I was there. I guess I will be saving my exploration for next time!

Any suggestions for some good sushi?

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  1. whoa that's such a good deal! $26 dollars for all those rolls and a don!! that's amazing! kinda crazy it was a funeral home.. i wonder if it's haunted haha :p