Monday, November 18, 2013

Yakinikuya Japanese BBQ

Yakinikuya Japanese BBQ

Yukke - Korean version of Beef Tartar. The raw beef is finely chopped and marinated in sesame oil and served with thinly chopped Asian pear and a raw egg. This was practically all A wanted to eat that night. In the bottom picture you can see that she's keeping the Yukke in her corner of the table (hehe).

So the four of us chowed down at Yakinikuya Japanese BBQ after a long day of work. A's been here before and she recommended that we try it, because on a cold and stormy night who doesn't love a good barbecue? 

G, being the only man at the table was in charged of barbecuing all the meat we ordered. Also because he was sick and highly contagious so he served us first and had to eat last (hehe) G also had coordination problems but we forgave him because he didn't burn any of the meat.

For appetizers we had the Tuna Tataki and grilled Squid. For the main course we shared the Sakura BBQ Combo for 2 - which came with Korean Style Kalbi (short rib), Special Kalbi, Negi-Tan (beef tongue), Pork Belly, Pork Jowl, side dishes, miso soup and steamed rice. We also added a plate of the Harami which is a tender beef rib. 

I enjoyed the food at Yakinikuya and also the service but what I enjoyed the most about that night was how we role-played for our other friend. We demonstrated what it means to give someone a lemon in Chinese culture. Apparently if you want to reject someone just give them a lemon... I mean not literally.

Good night.

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  1. OHHH DROOL! i freakin' LOVEEEE japanese BBQ and yours looks so yummy!! all that amazing finely sliced and super marbled steak *DROOL* heheh!

  2. I love beef tartar, but I've never had the Korean version. I have to seek it out here!

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