Saturday, August 2, 2014

Jitlada Thai

Jitlada Thai 

This little Thai restaurant is a hidden gem.

I know I am a little late at posting this review, but better late than never!

We came here on a lovely Thursday night to celebrate one of my favourite co-workers birthday. She really wanted some good Thai food, so A recommended Jitlada Thai located in West Broadway. It's a cozy little restaurant with very charming staff. We were greeted right away and this elegant lady in a beautiful floral dress handed us our menus. We ordered a round of Thai ice tea and Mango juice. I absolutely adore their Thai ice tea! Refreshing and it hit the spot after a long day at work.

We ordered some appetizers to share. The spring rolls and the chicken satay were amazing, highly recommend it. We also ordered their boneless stuffed chicken wings, which were a little unexpected, the flavour was very good, but I personally didn't like the texture, I think if the chicken wing itself was crispy or deep-friend it would have been tastier. 

We also had the Tom Yum Goon soup, I liked how they were able to customize the spiciness of the soup, but even though we've chosen a milder version, it was still too spicy for me (I know... I need to work on that) everyone else at the dinner loved it.

For our main course we shared a Pad Thai with shrimp. The lady of the house recommended this and told us that they used tamarind and cane sugar for the sourness of the dish, which for me was a great palette cleanser after the spiciness of the Tom Yum Goon soup. 

After sourness in the Pad Thai it made me want to eat more food! Good thing we ordered the Pineapple fried rice, which the Birthday Girl really loved. I just wanted to eat all the pineapples!

The last dish we shared was a Spicy Tofu and Green Bean dish which got gobbled down really fast, because it was delicious with a hint of chilies.

I need to mention the service of Jitlada because it was awesome! Throughout our whole meal the lady of the house gave us impeccable service. I think this was what made our meal so enjoyable, she was attentive to us and her other customers. She greeted everyone like they were old friends of hers and she knew how to make everyone laugh. She talked to us like we've ate at her restaurant many times, which made all of us feel very welcomed. Throughout the whole dinner she had no idea that we were at her restaurant because of P's birthday celebration, but once she found it - she surprised us and P!

The lady of the house surprised us with a beautiful dessert of ice cream and fried bananas - now that was a great ending to our night. The Birthday Girl got to blow out the candles and make her wish.
If you are looking for a good Thai restaurant with delicious food and impeccable service I highly recommend Jitlada Thai Restaurant. I was definitely not disappointed, and I can't wait to go back to try out the rest of their menu!

Until next time.

Have fun in Malaysia P!

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