Friday, May 27, 2011

Cameras and LA Trip!

May has been a very busy month for me... actually, this whole year has been super busy for me so I think its time for a well deserved break and I think June will be a month that I go exploring and relaxing, hopefully some place HOT away from all this rain. I love Vancouver but I think I am lacking in Vitamin D.

So E and I have decided to hit up LA to soak up some sun take a tour of the beautiful beaches and its lovely boardwalks. We will also be eating our way through Burbank, LA and capturing all of it with some new and sexy equipment - most notably the Canon S95 and the Canon 60D. I think its a well deserved upgrade from our Nikon D100 which we have had for a long time.

E and I will be keeping track of all the restaurants we go to in LA and once we get the itinerary set up we will post it here, if anyone has any knowledge of where to go please feel free to leave a comment! We will be in Burbank, LA =)

P.S. Mark I hope you have a wonderful time biking across Canada! Keep us updated.

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