Thursday, January 12, 2012

Matcha Parfait

This picture was taken a while back by Eva when we were in our Parfait phase.

How to make a Matcha Parfait. You will need a tall 10oz glass or something similar to the picture above. The ingredients we used is just what we prefer, you are welcome to use whatever ingredients you like in your parfait. We just chose this combination because the taste and the texture makes sense to our palette.

Matcha Ice cream (we used Mario Gelato)
Canned sweeten red beans (you can get this at any Asian market or a supermarket with an Asian section)
Whip cream (we whipped our own)
Green tea sponge cake
Kellog's Vanilla Almond Cereal
Mochi balls (you can get this at any Asian market, cook them and let them cool in a bowl of sugar water)

How to layer the Parfait (we chose to do it this way, you're welcome to layer it anyway you like)
small layer of cereal
1 scoop of matcha ice cream
couple of small cubes of the Green tea sponge cake
a thin layer of whip cream
a thin layer of cereal
a thin layer of red beans
top if off with another scoop of matcha ice cream
add 3 to 4 mochi balls next to the ice cream
decorate with more whip cream

Can’t wait to make one of these again!


  1. OMGGG GREEN TEA PARFAIT! w/ mochi balls?!?!?! LOVE!! omgosh i am so going to have to try to make this! it looks so nommy!

    1. It's good and so easy to make, it's so versatile too!