Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stuffed Pancake Cube!

So the last time I was in Hong Kong I had an obsession with Hui Lau Shan. I absolutely adored their mango desserts, each bowl I ordered was piled high with chunks of mangoes. So I was super excited to gorge myself at Hui Lau Shan again, but to my disappointment it didn't taste the same! Maybe I am being delusional and maybe its been 6 years and my memory is crap, but I swear it tasted watered-down and the mango chunks shrunk. So all in all, it was a disappointment. But I will go back and try their other desserts just to satisfy my curiosity, because maybe not all Hui Lau Shan's are the same. 

T and I were in the TST area and we stumbled into the Sweet Dynasty where they serve an array of Chinese desserts, dim sum and Shanghainese (I think... based on the pictures) cuisine. We ordered sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf, swallow nest egg tarts, and a plate of deep fried sticky pastry with a salty meaty filling inside (that's the best way I can describe it). The dim sum variety we ordered is pretty much standard stuff you can find at dim sum places in Vancouver, maybe not so much the swallow nest egg tarts, talking about the egg tarts it was kind of disappointing, the crusts tasted very mushy... like it has been sitting out for sometime. The rest of the dim sum was mediocre nothing amazing.

But there is a saving grace to this whole meal! The stuffed pancake filled with whipped cream and mango was heaven on earth! I have had this dessert the last time I was in Hong Kong and I quickly fell in love with the idea, its almost like a stuffed crepe! I will definitely go back to Sweet Dynasty, not for their dim sum BUT for their stuffed pancake!

So I guess the whole day wasn't a total disappointment. 

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