Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Breakfast in Hong Kong

Hello Lady's and Gent's, I am in Hong Kong and this is what I had for breakfast at 3am and 7am!

I am a huge fan of Hong Kong Style Milk Tea, and once we got settled into our apartment T and I went looking for a hot cup of HK Milk Tea. Since it was nearly 3am we went to Tsui Wah Restaurant located in Causeway Bay which is like a 5 minute walk from our apartment and its opened 24 hours. 

Tsui Wah Restaurant was packed... duh! The cup of HK Milk Tea woke me up and the Butter Condensed Toast hit the spot. I was ready for a  cat nap.

After the power nap, we had our 7am breakfast at Wah Sing Restaurant, also located in Causeway Bay. 

The 7am breakfast sure got our day going and our jet-lag put on-hold. We had quite a bit of errands to run to get set up for our 3 month stay in Hong Kong.

We had to set up our cell phones, get the suit and dress dry-cleaned for a wedding this Saturday. T had to go get a hair cut and we had to make an IKEA run to get some bedding and pillows.

Oh boy, And we accomplished all of the above by lunch time! I definitely need to get with the HK hours.

And this is what we had for lunch... I promise my next food post would be a little bit more exciting. Until then, if you're in Hong Kong and know some great eats feel free to message me and I will join you!

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