Sunday, June 29, 2014

Joe Fortes

Brunchin' with the ladies at Joe Fortes
(Oh! and Bee's plus one)

My favourite part about Sunday Brunch

I love brunch on Sundays, especially with people who love to eat just as much as I do. We decided to start our Sunday brunch at Joe Fortes, because they have an amazing out-door space and the weather was just right. I've never been to Joe Fortes for Brunch but I have been there several times for dinner and their food and service were always impeccable. 

P and I were lucky to have arrived a little bit early because we both forgot to make a reservation and Joe Fortes does get pretty busy, especially on a Sunday. Our server was amazing! Loved how he mingled with us for a bit and was super informative about Joe Fortes' oyster selections!

We started with a round of coffee and sparkling cocktails and Joe Fortes' amazing scones.

Brunch was definitely not disappointing at Joe Fortes. I had their "Frenchy's Breakfast" which was nice and hardy - the eggs were poached to perfection and their choice of Farmer's Sausage was delicious. My "hash-browns" were slightly larger than what I am used to eating (some of my fav brunch places serves "daintier" hash-browns) I couldn't finish all the hash-browns... yikes! 

Overall, Joe Fortes made my day Y had a very enjoyable Sunday, can't wait to visit Joe Fortes again to try their Lobster and Shrimp Roll. We need to do this more often ladies and plus ones!  

Bye for now 

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  1. Looks fantastic! I went to Joe Fortes for my one year anniversary. It wasn't the best experience but i hear that most other people love it!

    Raincouver Beauty

    1. Ohhhh no!!! I know how you feel sometimes I would try restaurants that my friends would recommend and I would totally have a different experience from what they had. But hopefully maybe go try their brunch and see if you notice a difference :)