Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sad Desk Lunches

Happy 2014 folks!

To start off my first foodie post for the new year, I have decided to post a week of "sad desk" lunches - just because it's going to be a very busy year and I haven't been to any restaurants worth reviewing. I think Vancouver has ran out of restaurants for me to try. Suggestions are welcomed!


Left over chowmein from Alleluia Cafe in Richmond - the noodles were a little soggy when I microwaved it but I was hungry enough that I wolfed it down in 3 big bites. Thus the beginning of my sad desk lunch post. Oh and this "lunch" was free because T paid for dinner at Alleluia Cafe.


Yay for free pizza! (yet, another free lunch) We had "catered" lunch today at the office because it's New Year's Eve. Which also means we get to leave early too! woot* woot* The pizza was from Panago and good thing I grabbed a couple of slices first before it got cold. I hate eating cold pizza... especially cold Panago pizza.


Today I had Singapore curry rice noodles from Ken's Kitchen, again left-overs courtesy of T's dad - which means it was free... again! The noodles were quite good not as soggy as the left over noodles I had on Monday. I also bought myself a piece of red velvet cake from the Italian cafe across from the office as a treat because I was craving something sweet all day.


This delicious bowl of Negitoro Don is from Kita no Donburi on Seymour and Pender-ish. I love having lunch here and I know this post is suppose to feature my "sad desk lunches" but I caved, and went out to eat with my co-workers instead. I blame it on The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug (it had the biggest cliff-hanger ever). I watched it last night and when the movie was finally over and when I finally got home I was too tired to make lunch for myself. At least it's Friday. Yay no more sad desk lunches!

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That's it for now. 

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