Saturday, April 19, 2014

Vegas with my darlings

Vegas trip with the girlies 

My girlfriends and I had a small little reunion in Vegas - a much needed vacation for all of us! 

The first thing I did was drag S to Gordon Ramsay's Burgr Restaurant because I am a sucker for all things Ramsay related! Burgr is Gordon Ramsay's version of a "fast-food" restaurant (for lack of a better description).

There was still a bit of a line-up to get into the restaurant - all good things come to those who wait. Not entirely true... was my gourmet burger really worth 20 bucks...well, I guess if you're in Vegas then it is, but I'd rather spend 20 bucks at Burgr then MacDonald's.  

I don't for-see myself coming here again, but I just had to try it once, and once is enough to satisfy my curiosity. Props to the excellent service, absolutely adored our blue eye blonde hair server!

Hanging out by the pool without a care in the world... maybe just missing my cat.

Pool party with the girls and Calvin Harris was awesome.

And the rest of our Vegas trip was history 

Bye for now.

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  1. OMG that looks amazing! I went last year with my boyfriend and it was super fun. But I definitely have to do Vegas again with my girlfriends!