Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dinner with Friends

Alaskan King Crab dinner with friends at Lucky Tao in Richmond

King Crab served three ways. The legs were steamed with garlic and butter (super delicious!) and the knuckle part was deep fried with jalapeno giving the crab meat a nice kick to it. The last course - the crab shell was turned into a fried rice topped with fish roe. Everything was pretty good, just a side note - the service of Lucky Tao could of been better, but I guess they're just a typical Chinese restaurant that lacks service but makes it up with reasonably tasting food. Anyways I had a great time, especially when you're eating with a group of wonderful friends who enjoy dining out just as much as I do.

Hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did!

 Enjoy folks 

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