Friday, June 28, 2013

Damso Modern Korean Cuisine

TGIF at Damso.

I love Fridays, especially when I get to have a big dinner after a long day of work. On this particular Friday a bunch of us went to Damso - which I have never been to before so I was excited to go. The restaurant was quite busy when we arrived so it was a good thing that J made reservations. The server sat us down quickly and handed us the menus and immediately what caught my eye was their Korean Tacos. I adore tacos of any kind so of course it was a must-order and J said they were pretty good (he was right! I could of ate like 6 more).

Good thing I had a couple of Korean friends dining with me because they took care of all the ordering and the cooking! I am sure A was happy that she didn't have to do any cooking because she was too busy ordering bottles of soju and pouring it for everyone. That was smart of her - to do all the pouring, I think next time I am going to be the one who pours all the drinks.

The drinks came before the food. Which means I drank on an empty stomach. Not good. We had regular soju and Yogurt soju. The Yogurt soju was really yummy and very easy to drink. The regular soju was a little harder to get down. The next time I go to Damso I think I will just stick to the Yogurt soju and instead of several shots of it I will probably just drink one little glass. But knowing A, that probably wouldn't happen...

Besides the Korean Tacos we also ordered a second appetizer to share (since the boys are big eaters). The Ddok-Kalbee is basically a meatball made with beef and stuffed with a slice of oyster mushroom in the middle. This was really good, definitely a dish I will order again at Damso.

When there's soju there has to be some sort of salty greasy food to go with it! This is why we ordered the Pork Belly BBQ which came with lettuce and a variety of Korean side dishes - kimchi, marinated onion, beansprout and rice. I've never seen such thick cuts of pork belly before, and the best part about this whole meal was that I didn't have to do any of the cooking. J and P got that part handled!

J also ordered two soups which I've had before at other Korean restaurants. I could only remember one of the soups which was a Spicy Seafood and Tofu soup because by that time I've had one too many glasses of soju. I could hardly hold my camera steady to take anymore pictures. A was a little worried that I would drop my camera into the food. At least I wasn't the only one who looked a little red from the alcohol. G looked just as red as me and P could barley pour a glass of water for anyone. What a night. I think we can all agree that it was a good night at Damso and by the looks of it I think we will be back, but I'm going to pass on the soju and have more tacos instead. All-in-all the service was decent and the food was good (especially the Korean Tacos) but what made my night was the company I had.

Bye for now.

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