Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tokyo Thyme in Kerrisdale

I had a very big sushi craving today, so when T called and asked if I had made any dinner plans tonight, I said no and quickly added "but I am craving sushi." We decided to give Tokyo Thyme a try since its close to home and on trusty ol' it got a 92% Like by diners. When we arrived, the restaurant was already full of diners, and we were seated quickly. It's always nice to see a busy restaurant because it gives me hope that the food will be good.  

Since it was only the two of us eating and T has a thing about wasting food, we decided to just have a light dinner (I have a tendency to over order). We ordered a Negitoro Roll, one of their specialty rolls called the Bloody Winter Roll (I swear that was the name of the roll, but I could be wrong, please correct me if I am!) and their Daily Special Bento Box because it was drawn so nicely on a chalk board right above our table.

Lets start with the Bloody Winter Roll, I absolutely adore the presentation of this roll and I love masago and tuna. The rice was nicely packed together and the pieces were just the right size for me to put the whole thing in my mouth. The only thing I would say is that I thought there would be more masago incorporated into the roll instead of using it as a garnish. No matter where I go for sushi I always order a negitoro roll and I think Tokyo Thyme made a pretty good negitoro roll (I don't think I've ever had an awful negitoro roll at any sushi restaurant). The Bento Box had a really good chicken, it was tender and juicy, there were a couple pieces of salmon and tuna sashimi, a garden salad with sesame dressing and egg plant with bacon cooked in a sweet soy.

Surprisingly the egg plant was really well done, I normally don't eat anything purple but T said the egg plant was really, really good, so I tried it and enjoyed it, I mean who doesn't love bacon? Anyways, I had a very good experience at Tokyo Thyme and the servers were great, I loved how one of them asked T if it was our first time dining with them. Its always nice to be asked if we had a good time. I will definitely be back to try the rest of their menu and it's just so close to home!

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  1. omgosh the tea cup is soooo cute!!! so cute!!

    looks so good haven't had good sushi in so long.. that chalk drawling is cute haha i like that one of the boxes was "surprise" i actually sat here and tried to figure out which was a surprise.. i think it was eggplant and bacon. hahaha. i have too much time on my hands -___-

    1. Heehee I think its cute when I was at the restaurant I asked the server what the surprise was and he pointed it out that it was written on the chalk board haha.

  2. ohh the sushi looks delicious!! yum :D and I love egg plants, I would def go to that place!

  3. Oh really lovely, and delicious food. Now I´m following you sweetie I hope your follow me back.


  4. Yumm. I'm also craving sushi now after reading your post!!