Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Passion by Gerard Dubois

Passion by Gerard Dubois

74-80 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Fraser Suites Shop 1

I know this is kind of late, but I swear I took like a gazillion pictures during my stay in Hong Kong, but this is something I must post up because I think Passion did an excellent job with these yummy cupcakes. I can't wait to visit Hong Kong again, just so I can get my hands on some more pastries by Gerard Dubois.

I think this is what I miss about Hong Kong. E and I had lunch at Passion a couple of times during our last week in Hong Kong. I wish I found out about this place sooner so I could try all of their pastries and their freshly baked artisan breads! K, if you are reading this please send me back some cupcakes, please find a way... I promise I will stop comparing you to underwear models if you do!

Enjoy, because we sure did 


  1. haha that looks sooo delicious! makes me want to eat sweets now!

    1. I love his pastries if you ever get a chance to visit Hong Kong you should check Passion out!